the bidding for labor protection articles and gloves of Fangda special steel equipment and materials company has been successfully completed

On Augus3, Fangda special steel equipment and materials company successfully completed the bidding of 75 items of labor protection articles and gloves, providing reliable material guarantee for the normal supply and use of labor protection articles. The quality and use effect of labor protection articles are related to the safety of each employee. Therefore, in the procurement process, the company carried out the bidding work in strict accordance with the procurement principle of “quality first, quantity second, price third”. 1n order to complete the bidding work smoothly, in the early stage of bidding, they made a thorough investigation on the use of labor protection articles in the previous year’s bidding. Through issuing the collection table of the use of purchased materials, they understood in detail the evaluation and demand of each secondary unit for labor protection articles, and analyzed them as the cost performance data of material procurement. During the bidding process, the company fully communicated with the suppliers on procurement channels, sample requirements, material requirements, supply cycle, etc., and successfully selected the winning suppliers after two rounds of on-site quotation competition, thus successfully completing the bidding work of labor protection articles and gloves

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