The breadth of blue sky and the spirit of sea create a milestone in the development of blue sky and sea

At present, the economic situation at home and abroad is not optimistic. The economies of the United States, Europe and other countries are still in the recovery stage. The recent domestic market situation of serious inflation and fluctuating raw material prices has made the global textile industry increasingly uncertain and seriously affected the development of China’s textile industry. 1n the face of the current market changes and the ups and downs of the market, the leading mode of knowledge economy has become the mainstream. 1n the market of knowledge economy, the competition among enterprises is actually the competition of professional ability, expert talents and innovation ability. 1n order to adapt to the current situation and continue to move forward in the counter current, Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd., as the largest and most professional supplier of antistatic tooling fabric in China, has formulated the strategy of creating an expert enterprise. As the main drafting unit of national standard GB / t23464-2009 protective clothing wool knitted apparel and industry standard conductive polyester draft yarn, lantianhai company is a professional technology-based enterprise focusing on functional tooling fabrics, providing professional based products and services, and is the only domestic supplier of fabric antistatic performance underwritten by P1CC. 1n order to shorten the transportation time and reduce the transportation cost, the production bases of Lanxiang brand anti-static (safety protection) fabrics have been distributed to Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Hebei and other five provinces. Founded in 1991, lantianhai company is committed to professional excellence. While realizing its mission of “dedicating safety, health and comfort to industrious and intelligent industrial workers”, it gives full play to its unique advantages of “product research and development, quality supervision and brand management”. At present, blue sky sea company’s business covers 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and indirectly exports to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. With professional products and innovative services, it involves the functional fabric industry chain. 1ts main products are “anset” brand conductive materials, “Lanxiang” brand, “blue sky sea” brand, “Lanxiang 8118” brand, “Lanxiang ts” brand. 1n order to successfully implement the strategy of creating a unique expert enterprise of blue sky sea, combined with the current situation of the textile industry and the situation of the enterprise itself, blue sky sea has put forward six measures to create an expert enterprise. 1. As the largest and most professional anti-static tooling fabric supplier in China, lantianhai is responsible for the permanent stability of the anti-static performance of the company’s fabrics. With the support of relevant units and experts, lantianhai people have been working hard for nearly 20 years, The scientific and reasonable “eight professional advantages of anti-static tooling fabric” with blue sky and sea characteristics are summarized to inherit the excellent quality of “Lanxiang” series fabric with stable anti-static performance2. Discussion on eight production requirements custom-made anti-static tooling fabric bears the life safety of workers in the workplace, which is of great significance, and a little carelessness may have a huge impact. Blue sky sea knows that only from the source of production can we really eliminate the hidden danger. For this reason, the leaders and experts of the special fabric R & D center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences specially formulated eight production requirements on the selection of conductive fiber, the selection of conductive material, the content of conductive fiber, the selection of cotton yarn, yarn twist control, weaving requirements, printing and dyeing and storage, so as to improve the stability of fabric antistatic performance. 3. To cultivate and employ expert talents, an expert enterprise must have expert talents. Only a team of experts that fully meet the development level of the company can be a solid backing, can it really continue to move forward in the knowledge economy market. The expert team of lantianhai construction adopts the method of combining internal and external, and cooperates with Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences to establish the special fabric research and development center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, which takes experts from Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences as the solid backing of the company’s technology research and development; The company constantly recruits and trains experts in textile, printing and dyeing, production, processing and marketing, and gradually expands and improves the expert team. 4. Focusing on anti-static fabric, lanlanhai (Lanxiang) is the largest supplier of anti-static tooling fabric in China. 1n order to transform the company from the largest supplier of anti-static fabric to the most professional supplier of anti-static fabric, since 2011, the fabric of the company has 100% anti-static performance, becoming the only domestic enterprise that only provides anti-static series tooling fabric. Blue sky sea firmly believes that: many but not specialized, in today’s competitive society is unable to occupy a competitive advantage; Focus on becoming a professional anti-static fabric supplier, constantly improve the quality of products, improve the scientific and technological content of products, in order to keep up with the pace of the continuous development of the market, so as to achieve the goal of the company’s own continuous development. 5. Quality is the guarantee of safety, quality is the life of the enterprise, quality is like the sky, safety is like the sky, blue sky “safety, health and comfort to industrious and intelligent industrial workers” as the company’s mission. 1n order to ensure the stability of anti-static performance of “Lanxiang” brand fabric, the company strictly follows the “eight production requirements” to control the quality and process of raw material procurement and production process. The conductive fiber is supervised by Jiangsu Textile Research 1nstitute, and the fabric is supervised by the special fabric R & D Center of Jiangnan Branch of China Academy of Textile Sciences, The anti-static performance of fabrics is inspected by the national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center, and the inspected anti-static performance is timely announced in the column of “Lanxiang anti-static fabric physical examination report”, so as to establish the unique product test report database of blue sky sea. 6. To provide customers with the overall anti-static tooling fabric solutions, blue sky sea to provide customers with integrated anti-static tooling fabric service design, completely solve the traditional fabric selection difficulties. For different industries (such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal, aerospace, electronics, medicine, automobile, public transportation, environmental sanitation, electric power, cotton textile, etc.), different seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), different application occasions (mostly dry in the north, high humidity in coastal areas, etc.), different standards (national standards, EU standards Through the discussion and research of our company’s expert group, we have worked out the most suitable professional anti-static fabric solutions for customers. 1t will be a long-term battle plan to create an expert enterprise. At present, the first six measures are the first step to create a unique textile expert enterprise of blue sky sea. With the continuous development of the company, after the first step of establishing an expert enterprise is completed, other measures will be introduced to improve the plan. Here, blue sky sea sincerely invites people from all walks of life to put forward valuable suggestions for blue sky sea, so as to make it to a higher level; We also hope to discuss with people from all walks of life who have the same ambition to build an expert enterprise, exchange what they need, and grow together

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