The car dumps debris and the boy is buried in an instant

Not long ago, a strange accident happened on Chaqiao Quanshan Avenue in Xishan District, Wuxi. When a dump truck full of debris dumped debris, an 11 year old boy riding a bicycle was buried in the debris, resulting in the boy’s head smashed and died. Some onlookers said that the boy appeared behind the bottom of the dump truck for no reason. When the dump truck dumped debris, the boy was buried because he couldn’t avoid it. These incomprehensible doubts made the accident extremely strange

the police said that it was an “accident”

a road construction site is still under construction. Why did a minor ride a small bicycle on the site? When approaching the dangerous dump truck, why did no one come out to maintain order and stop it? Yesterday reporters tried to solve these mysteries

Quanshan Avenue, where the accident happened, is under construction and will become an important channel from the south of Wuxi to the north of Wuxi when it is completed and opened to traffic. At present, half of the road is being paved with asphalt, the other half is being leveled, and the road is not completely closed. The half of the roads being formed can still be opened to traffic

a relevant person at a construction site told the reporter that under normal circumstances, there will be safety inspection at the construction site, and there will be some important tips, but mainly for the internal personnel of the project, such as wearing safety helmets when entering the construction site, and electricity safety tips, etc. Some construction roads will also set up some “under construction, please detour” and other tips

however, during the interview, the reporter found that the project management was obviously not so standardized due to the location of the tragedy at the junction of the suburbs. There were no corresponding warning signs on the scene, and there were no personnel to maintain order. Even the construction party did not see a clear sign, and the surrounding residents were not clear

although Wuxi also has clear regulations on the transport of waste soil, it is a pity that the vehicle involved in the accident also transported waste soil, but it was hung with the agricultural license plate. Does it meet the requirements of the transport of waste soil vehicle? Yesterday, the reporter tried to contact the relevant departments to verify, but failed

the reporter asked the Wuxi police about the progress of the investigation. A staff member told the reporter that it was an accident after preliminary understanding. At present, the incident is still under further investigation, and the police are not willing to talk more about it

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