The carpenter was hit by the falling square steel and was killed by wearing a safety helmet

Recently, an accident happened at a construction site in Weihai. A man was hit on the head by Fang Gang who fell from a tower crane and is being treated in Haida hospital. Fortunately, the man was wearing a helmet at that time, according to the doctor

accompanied by his colleagues, Master Liu from Henan went to Haida hospital and said that he was hit by a foreign body in the head, which was painful and dizzy” At that time, 1 was squatting on the ground to do carpentry work. Suddenly, the helmet 1 was wearing was hit by a heavy object, and then a bundle of square steel fell beside me Master Liu said that Fang Gang had three pieces, and his safety helmet was smashed out with a 3 cm long hole

after examination, Mr. Liu’s atlantoaxial joint half fell off. After traction treatment, he could be discharged in about half a month” 1t can be said that the helmet saved his life Trauma orthopedic doctor Lu Qingqing said that if Fang Gang hit the head directly, Master Liu is likely to have a skull fracture, which is life-threatening

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