The choice and market development of rural labor insurance products

labor protection articles for busy farming activities

1’m a child in the countryside. 1’ve been crawling in the land with my parents since 1 was a child. They are laborers, but the so-called labor protection articles are completely vague to them. Safety helmets are used to spray pesticides to cover their hair, and protective clothing doesn’t realize it at all. Labor protection shoes are worn-out sports shoes on their feet, With the increasing number of migrant workers, the awareness of labor protection is also changing imperceptibly. When they come back home to do farm work again, they bring masks to stop the dust in the farmland in spring, The personal protection awareness of rural workers is constantly improving, and how to choose suitable protective equipment has become a new topic. As a business, the market of rural labor protection equipment should be a big market worthy of expansion…

in rural areas, the busy farming activities of farmers are not the same throughout the year, The choice of labor protection products should be based on the season and farm work, such as the hot summer, the choice of spraying pesticides should wear masks, rain boots on rainy days, winter, warm protective clothing and so on. 1n view of the labor protection products used by farmers, China labor insurance network suggests that manufacturers research and develop them according to the farming habits of farmers in different regions

as a rural born editor, 1 have the right to warn labor insurance manufacturers that the rural market is very big. There are 800 million farmers in China, and the awareness of personal protection in rural areas is basically “make do”. How to publicize and expand the market in rural areas requires labor insurance manufacturers to carry out new research

labor insurance, labor insurance and labor protection, then farmers are also a part of the army. At present, the labor protection products on the market are basically aimed at enterprise workers. The editor of China Labor 1nsurance Website hopes that labor insurance manufacturers should not ignore the protection of farmers and workers at the grass-roots level, and hope that relevant departments can strengthen the publicity and management of rural labor protection products

[Chen Jia, responsible editor of China Labor 1nsurance Website]

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