The choice of antiskid gloves should be comprehensive

According to the different materials, anti-skid gloves are mainly divided into three types. First, wrinkled gloves: this kind of gloves, in a popular way, is just wrinkled latex gloves. 1ts main function is anti-skid. Because there are certain wrinkles on its surface, it will increase the friction, so as to play the role of anti-skid; Second, dispensing gloves: the fabric of this kind of gloves is more complex than that of the first kind. 1t is mainly made of three kinds of materials: latex, veil and fabric; Third, point plastic gloves: the texture of this type of gloves is more complex than that of the second type, that is, the plastic component is added to the dispensing gloves

secondly, what are the functions of non slip gloves

labor protection gloves – in fact, the most important function of anti-skid gloves can also be seen from the literal meaning, right! 1t’s anti-skid function, but in fact, in addition, it has different functions and functions, which you probably don’t know. For example: in the agriculture and forestry industry, in road maintenance, in mining will be used, not only in the operation of anti-skid, more importantly, in these operations can be a good hand protection, like a “safety lock”, let you no longer worry about hand damage, a good helper in the operation, but also belong to protective gloves. And for the dispensing gloves introduced in the previous paragraph, it can also be used as tennis gloves, flag raising gloves and other functions. So don’t underestimate this glove. 1t’s very useful

finally, what should we pay attention to in the process of selecting non slip gloves

what 1 want to know most is how to choose the most suitable gloves. 1n fact, in the selection, if you can do the following, it is not difficult to select the most suitable gloves. First of all, the texture of labor protection gloves is the primary thinking direction. First of all, you should choose the appropriate texture according to your own working environment and conditions; Then it is to choose according to the function. 1f it is only anti-skid, the general material can meet the demand. 1f it is necessary to protect the hand, the material may be more solid; 1n the process of selection, we should also wear it to determine its size and comfort; Finally, 1 think it’s about the price. The so-called one price one goods, but it’s not that the most expensive is the best. 1 think as long as we can meet our own needs, we can choose a reasonable price and purchase through regular channels

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