The choice of safety helmet is different for different occupations

Safety helmet is an important safety protection equipment to protect people’s lives, which can effectively prevent the impact object from injuring the head. So, how to choose a suitable helmet

1. Qualified products should be selected

safety helmets must be produced according to the national standard gb2811, and the products that leave the factory should pass the inspection of the quality inspection department and meet the requirements of the standard before the product certificate can be issued. When buying safety helmets, you should check whether you have the production license and validity period, and whether you have the LA< (1) select according to the performance of the helmet: each helmet has a certain technical performance index and its scope of application. For example, when choosing safety helmet in low temperature working environment, plastic safety helmet with low temperature resistance should be selected (after low temperature - 20 ℃) ± 1n the environmental test at 2 ℃, the impact absorption performance and puncture resistance still meet the requirements of the standard) and the cold proof helmet; 1n high temperature working environment, high temperature resistant plastic safety helmet or glass fiber reinforced plastic safety helmet (after high temperature 50 ℃) should be selected ± The impact absorption and puncture resistance still meet the requirements of the standard when treated at 2 ℃); 1n electric power industry, safety helmet with electrical insulation should be selected when contacting power grid and electrical equipment; When working in inflammable and explosive environment, antistatic performance (resistance no more than 1 × one hundred and nine Ω) 1'm wearing a helmet (2) select according to the specification and size (3) the choice of style, big brim hat and big tongue hat are suitable for outdoor operation, this kind of safety helmet has the function of preventing sunlight and rain. Small brim cap is suitable for indoor, tunnel, culvert, roadway, forest, scaffold and other narrow places with small range of activities and easy brim collision< (4) the color of safety helmet should follow the principle of safety psychology. Yellow and black bars, which are commonly used in the world, are the warning signs, while red is the sign of restriction and prohibition; Blue plays a role in display, etc. Therefore, white, light yellow and light green are suitable for the safety helmet used in ordinary work. For the safety helmet of miners, coal mines are used to use black color, which may be because the coal dust is black, and the safety helmet can not be seen, while other colors are easy to detect. But the miner's safety helmet is black, which obviously does not conform to the principle of safety ergonomics. Because of the poor lighting under the mine, when the light and dark contrast of the black miner's helmet is not obvious, it is easy to cause safety accidents due to blurred vision. So should use bright color, easy to find, cause alert. Now the color of the miner's helmet is not only black, but also other colors, and reflective or luminous materials are pasted on the helmet to attract people's attention in the dark light. Some departments use safety helmets of different colors to distinguish their posts. For example, safety management personnel wear white safety helmets with green cross marks, and maintenance personnel wear orange safety helmets. 1n the forest cutting site, the red or orange safety helmet is eye-catching and easy to be found. Purple and brown safety helmets are usually used in radioactive working environment. 1n inflammable and explosive workplaces, use red safety helmet China labor insurance net

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