the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued 24 guidelines on the reform and development of work safety

Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the reform and development of work safety

(December 9, 2016)

work safety is a major event related to the safety of people’s lives and property, a symbol of coordinated and healthy development of economy and society, and a requirement of the party and government to be highly responsible for the interests of the people. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to work safety. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, a series of major decisions and arrangements have been made to promote the work of work safety across the country. At the same time, we should also see that China is in the process of industrialization and urbanization, the scale of production and operation is constantly expanding, traditional and new modes of production and operation coexist, all kinds of potential accidents and safety risks are intertwined and superimposed, the foundation of safety production is weak, the regulatory system and legal system are not perfect, and the main responsibility of enterprises is not effectively implemented, The frequent occurrence of production safety accidents, especially serious accidents, has not been effectively curbed. Some accidents are spreading from high-risk industries to other industries, directly endangering production safety and public safety. 1n order to further strengthen the work of work safety, the following opinions are put forward on promoting the reform and development of work safety< (1) guiding ideology. Comprehensively implementing the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth, and six sessions of the party and taking Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of "Three Represents" and Scientific Outlook on Development as the guidance, thoroughly implementing the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping and the new strategy and new strategy of governing the country and governing the country, further enhancing the "Four Consciousnesses". Focusing on the overall plan of "five in one" and the strategic plan of "four comprehensives", we should firmly establish a new development concept, adhere to safe development, and stick to the insurmountable red line that development must not be at the expense of safety. We should focus on preventing and curbing major production safety accidents, and adhere to the principle of safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management, We should strengthen leadership, reform and innovation, coordinate linkage, and work together to strengthen the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, plug the loopholes in supervision and management, and solve the problem of non-compliance with laws and regulations. We should rely on strict responsibility system, strict legal measures, effective system and mechanism, strong basic guarantee, and perfect system governance to effectively enhance the ability of safety prevention and governance, We will vigorously improve the overall level of work safety in China, ensure the well-being of the people, and share the fruits of reform and development and social civilization and progress< (2) basic principles: adhere to safe development. We should implement the people-centered development idea, always put the safety of human life first, correctly handle the relationship between safety and development, vigorously implement the safety development strategy, and provide a strong security guarantee for economic and social development — adhere to reform and innovation. We will continue to promote theoretical, institutional, institutional, technological and cultural innovations in production safety, enhance the endogenous power of enterprises, stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole society, solve the problems in production safety, and promote the coordinated development of production safety and economic society – adhere to supervision according to law. We should vigorously carry forward the socialist spirit of the rule of law, use the thinking and mode of the rule of law, deepen the reform of the supervision and law enforcement system of work safety, improve the system of laws, regulations and standards of work safety, strictly standardize the fair and civilized law enforcement, enhance the efficiency of supervision and law enforcement, and improve the level of legalization of work safety — insist on prevention at the source. Strict market access of safety production, economic and social development should be based on safety, and safety production should be run through the whole process of urban and rural planning, design, construction, management and enterprise production and operation activities. We should build a dual prevention mechanism of risk hierarchical management and control and hidden danger investigation and management, and strictly prevent production safety accidents caused by risk evolution and hidden danger upgrading — adhere to system governance. We should strictly establish a work safety management system that combines hierarchical governance with industry governance, government governance and social governance, and organize and mobilize all forces to implement social co governance. Comprehensively use legal, administrative, economic, market and other means to implement civil air defense, technical air defense and material air defense measures, and improve the ability of the whole society to manage production safety< (3) target task. By 2020, the supervision system and mechanism of work safety will be basically mature, the legal system will be basically perfect, the total number of work safety accidents in China will be significantly reduced, the prevention and control of occupational hazards will make positive progress, the frequent occurrence of major work safety accidents will be effectively curbed, and the overall level of work safety will be in line with the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. By 2030, we will modernize the work safety governance system and governance capacity, comprehensively improve the safety civilization quality of the whole people, and significantly enhance the ability of work safety guarantee, so as to lay a solid and reliable foundation for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation< Second, improve and implement the safety production responsibility system; fourth, clarify the leadership responsibilities of local Party committees and governments. Adhere to the principle of the same responsibility of the party and government, double responsibility for one post, joint management and dereliction of duty, and improve the safety production responsibility system. Local Party committees and governments at all levels should always put production safety in an important position and strengthen organizational leadership. The main person in charge of the party and government is the first person responsible for work safety in the region, and other members of the team are responsible for the leadership of work safety within their respective responsibilities. The director of the local work safety committees at all levels shall be the main person in charge of the government, and the members shall be composed of the leaders of the party committees at the same level, the government and relevant departments local Party committees at all levels should earnestly implement the party’s work safety policy, promote work safety in the overall economic and social development of the region, and regularly study and decide on major issues of work safety. Strengthen the construction of the leading group and cadre team of work safety supervision institutions. Strict safety production performance appraisal and dereliction of duty accountability. Strengthen the propaganda and education of work safety and the guidance of public opinion. Give full play to the role of the people’s Congress in the supervision and promotion of work safety and the role of the CPPCC in the democratic supervision of work safety. Promote the organization, publicity, politics and law, organization establishment and other units to support the work of ensuring safety in production. Mobilize all sectors of society to actively participate in, support and supervise work safety local governments at all levels should incorporate work safety into the overall plan of economic and social development, formulate and implement special plans for work safety, and improve the safety input guarantee system. Timely research and deployment of work safety, strict implementation of territorial regulatory responsibilities. Give full play to the role of the work safety committee and implement the target management of work safety responsibility. Establish a safety production inspection system to urge all departments and lower level governments to perform their duties. Strengthen the construction of safety production supervision and law enforcement capacity, promote safety science and technology innovation, and improve the level of information management. Strict safety access standards, guide the management and control of safety risks, supervise the rectification of major hidden dangers, and strengthen the source control. Strengthen the emergency management and improve the emergency rescue system of work safety. Carry out accident investigation and handling according to law and regulations, and supervise the implementation of problem rectification< (5) clarify the regulatory responsibilities of departments. 1n accordance with the principles of industry management must be in charge of safety, business management must be in charge of safety, production and operation must be in charge of safety and who is in charge of who is responsible, the relationship between comprehensive supervision of production safety and industry supervision should be clarified, and the responsibilities of production safety and occupational health of relevant departments should be defined and implemented in the regulations of department responsibilities. The work safety supervision and management department is responsible for the formulation and revision of work safety regulations and standards and policy planning, law enforcement supervision, accident investigation and handling, emergency rescue management, statistical analysis, publicity, education and training and other comprehensive work, and undertakes the law enforcement responsibilities of work safety and occupational health supervision in the industry within its scope of responsibility. The relevant departments responsible for the supervision and administration of work safety shall perform the supervision and administration of work safety and occupational health in relevant industries in accordance with the law, strengthen the supervision and law enforcement, and strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations. The competent departments of other industries are responsible for the management of production safety. They should take the work of production safety as an important part of the management of the industry, strengthen the work of production safety from the aspects of industry planning, industrial policies, regulations and standards, administrative licensing, and guide and urge enterprises and institutions to strengthen safety management. The Party committee and other relevant departments of the government should provide support and guarantee for work safety within the scope of their responsibilities, and jointly promote safe development< (6) strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises. Enterprises should be fully responsible for the work safety and occupational health of their own units, strictly fulfill the statutory responsibility for work safety, and establish and improve the endogenous mechanism of self-restraint and continuous improvement. The legal representative and the actual controller are the first person responsible for production safety. The main technical person in charge is responsible for the decision-making and command of production safety technology, strengthening the Department's responsibility for production safety, and implementing one post and two responsibilities. 1mprove and implement the safety production responsibilities of mixed ownership enterprises and cross regional, multi-level and overseas Chinese enterprises. Establish the whole process safety production and occupational health management system of the enterprise, and achieve the "five in place" of safety responsibility, management, investment, training and emergency rescue. State owned enterprises should play a leading role in work safety and consciously accept territorial supervision< (7) improve the responsibility assessment mechanism. We should establish an assessment and evaluation system suitable for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and reflecting the level of safety development. We should improve the assessment system, integrate and scientifically set the assessment indicators of work safety, and increase the weight of work safety in the comprehensive management of social security and the construction of spiritual civilization. Governments at all levels should implement strict responsibility assessment of work safety for member units of work safety committees at the same level and lower level governments, and combine process assessment with result assessment. All regions and units should establish a system linking work safety performance with performance evaluation, job promotion, reward and punishment, and strictly implement the "one vote veto" system of work safety< (8) strict accountability system. 1mplement the responsibility system for work safety during the term of office of Party and government leading cadres, do their daily work according to their responsibilities, and investigate the accidents according to their responsibilities. The list of work safety power and responsibility of relevant departments shall be formulated in accordance with the law and regulations, and the responsibility shall be exempted with due diligence and accountability with dereliction of duty. Establish the traceability system of safety responsibility in the whole process of production and operation. We will seriously investigate and deal with such corrupt practices as dereliction of duty, power and money trading in project approval, administrative licensing, supervision and law enforcement in the field of work safety. The direct reporting system of accidents shall be strictly enforced, and the units and individuals who conceal, falsely report, fail to report and delay in reporting accidents shall be prosecuted according to the law. The production and business operators who have been investigated for criminal responsibility shall be banned according to law. The social service institutions and personnel who have great responsibility for the accident shall be seriously investigated for legal responsibility according to law, and the corresponding industry prohibition shall be implemented according to law< (9) improve the supervision and management system. Strengthen the organization and leadership of work safety committees at all levels, give full play to their role in overall planning and coordination, and effectively solve prominent contradictions and problems. The work safety supervision and administration departments at all levels shall undertake the daily work of the work safety committee at the corresponding level, and be responsible for guiding, coordinating, supervising, inspecting, inspecting and assessing the work safety of the relevant departments of the government at the corresponding level and the governments at lower levels

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