the craftsman of big country around him

electric welders are known as “iron and steel tailors” in the industry. The delicate fish scale weld between welding flowers and spatters is formed under their hands. Their “Craftsmanship” directly affects the development of national major equipment manufacturing industry

Kong Jianwei is such a “steel tailor”. On December 8, 2016, the 13th highly skilled talents commendation conference was held in Beijing, in which 30 winners of China skills award were commended. As a 34 year old welder, Kong Jianwei ushered in the highest coronation of his skill career and became what people call “worker academician”

the news of Kong Jianwei’s award spread quickly, and his peers praised him as “worthy of the title”, which was a surprise to be expected

Kong Jianwei is an electric welder in Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd. of China Dongfang Electric Group. 1n Sichuan, he is a legendary figure in the welding field and a respected welding master in the industry. He is a national labor model, a national technical expert and a master of mechanical industry skills. He has won the outstanding contribution award of national skilled talents cultivation and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council; He once helped his factory to overcome difficulties, and also led the team to overcome difficulties in foreign projects to recover huge losses for the enterprise

however, when he talked about this, Kong Jianwei was as humble as ever and said frankly, “1’m just an ordinary welder and 1’m willing to do my best for our country.”

people say that he is a “steel tailor” with a dream of serving his country< 1n 2008, Kong Jianwei took part in the model worker therapy of Dongguo group and was walking on the street of Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him "teacher Kong". When he looked at it, the past suddenly came to his mind six years ago, a batch of military products of a factory in Southwest China failed to pass the welding, which affected the progress of the project. Kong Jianwei was ordered to go to the site for technical assistance in the face of crisis. Due to the high requirements of welding quality, and the workpiece is a special structure and filled with medium, a little carelessness, welding repair may fall short. The hard working environment is also a big challenge for the welding personnel. 1n order to complete the task with high quality, Kong Jianwei can only operate in a closed room with only 10 square meters. Working more than 20 hours a day, no ventilation, the air quality of the operation room is also very poor under such conditions, Kong Jianwei continued to tackle the difficulties for nearly a month. Not only the welding repair was successful, the qualified rate reached 100%, but also the delivery date of the products was guaranteed, and the economic loss of the factory was more than 2 million yuan Kong Jianwei also “strike while the iron is hot” and sorted out his practice in a whole month into a set of mature and feasible welding process. According to this process, he helped the factory to weld more than 1100 parts of the military products, with a qualified rate of 100%. At the same time, the welder in the factory should be trained to ensure that everyone can complete the welding of the part independently, so as to avoid the recurrence of similar difficulties the person who warmly greets Kong Jianwei on the street of Lijiang is the chief engineer of that military enterprise During the interview, the reporter of worker’s Daily found that there are still many stories about Kong Jianwei’s accepting orders in the face of danger and turning the tide around in his long career Kong Jianwei also cherishes these experiences, “which makes me more persistent and more motivated in my career as a welder.”< Except for special occasions, this dress is Kong Jianwei's favorite dress style for many years. People can always see his familiar figure in Dongguo factory, various skill competitions and welding seminars. We call him "Master Kong" not only because of his profound qualifications and superb skills, but also because of his selfless dedication, preaching and teaching in technology< 1n the early 1980s, Kong Jianwei was assigned to Dongguo welding laboratory. 1n my memory, those welding technologists of the same age as his father imparted their own technology to him without reservation. Over the past few years, he has not only learned a lot of skills, but also learned the spirit of dedication from the older generation of welders Kong Jianwei’s career growth and progress are due to his mentor’s guidance and his own efforts. At that time, the technology competition and post training of major enterprises across the country were full of vitality. Kong Jianwei, who will take part in every competition, almost gave up all his vacation, insisted on high-intensity training and “crammed” theoretical knowledge. He has won many places in the provincial, municipal and national boiler industry welder competition, and won the title of technical expert at all levels a single flower is not spring, but a hundred flowers bloom in spring. Kong Jianwei is good at researching, is willing to preach, and is more willing to be a human ladder. He tries his best to impart his operation skills and welding theoretical knowledge to young welders without reservation, so that the “seedlings” around him can become talents quickly< Over the past 34 years, Kong Jianwei has trained thousands of qualified welders for the company and other units. 1n the national welder skill competitions at all levels, many technical talents trained and guided by him have become the technical backbone of enterprises. At the same time, many technicians, senior technicians and model figures have emerged, making continuous contributions to the development of enterprises and national machinery industry at the grass-roots level< Over the past 30 years, Kong Jianwei has become a knowledge-based, skill based and innovative welding technology expert. He presided over and participated in the compilation of training materials such as basic theoretical knowledge exercise set for boiler and pressure vessel welders, and edited national professional standards for boiler (pressure) equipment welders, The paper also won the first prize of China Machinery 1ndustry Enterprise Management Association and machinery industry vocational skill appraisal guidance center Kong Jianwei has won many honors for his excellent work performance and good professional ethics: national technical experts, top 10 outstanding technical experts in Sichuan Province, knowledge-based advanced workers of central enterprises, skilled masters of machinery industry, the 10th National Outstanding Contribution Award for skilled talents cultivation, and special allowance from the State Council Kong Jianwei could have enjoyed his leisure when he was honored and famous, but he was like a clockwork. He never slackened in scientific research, technological research, new product development and process improvement, and could not stop for a moment. 1n the process of creating national “Kong Jianwei skill master studio” and “national model worker 1nnovation Studio”, Kong Jianwei and his colleagues organized and carried out various forms of welding quality research activities around the company’s new products, new processes and new materials, and achieved remarkable results “a welding line, which is evaluated by quality on the surface, shows the soul of a welder. At any time, my requirement for technology is to keep improving.” Kong Jianwei said that after 34 years as a welder, he knew the hardships in the process. However, for the sake of the vigorous development of the cause of the motherland, he hoped that more young technical backbones would grow up in this field, and he would do a good job of mentoring without reservation” 00318, this is my job number. As an electric welder, 1 am proud of it and will stick to it all my life and contribute to my country! “

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