The “danger” and “opportunity” of power rationing in Wenzhou shoe enterprises

faced with the pressure of completing the energy saving and emission reduction targets of the 11th five year plan, in the past two months, a mandatory “emission reduction” storm is surging in many places, and some provinces and regions have taken measures to limit power supply, production and even shut down. Wenzhou as a gathering place of private enterprises, under a series of pressure, many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing an unprecedented bottleneck of development energy conservation and emission reduction. 1t can be seen that the problem of power shortage has become a “roadblock” for the development of shoe-making enterprises. 1t is a sharp sword hanging on the heads of enterprises, because when they are in the peak production season, there is no power support, resulting in some enterprises being forced to stop production

under the influence of the financial crisis, many factors, such as the rising price of raw materials, the rising labor cost, the difficulty in recruiting workers, energy problems, the adjustment of export tax rebate policy and so on, are squeezing the profits of enterprises, and at the same time, bringing huge survival pressure to Wenzhou shoe enterprises. Now, in order to stimulate the rapid recovery of economic growth, some places have adopted corresponding industrial incentive policies and measures, and high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises are on the rise again. The energy consumption intensity and sulfur dioxide emissions are slowing down, or even rising instead of decreasing. The rapid growth of power consumption in some places has brought great pressure on local energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection

shoe making industry is a labor-intensive industry. As a densely distributed area of shoe enterprises, Wenzhou is undoubtedly one of the most power deficient cities in China. 1n July, the continuous sunny and hot weather made the actual power demand of Wenzhou Power Grid greatly overpressured, and the domestic power load such as air conditioning soared rapidly. 1n August, Wenzhou is extremely hot, but for most small and medium-sized enterprises, the “severe winter” period is still going on. Many traditional industries in Wenzhou are high energy consuming. Under the mechanism of power shortage and power rationing, enterprises must transform and upgrade

reducing power consumption through technological transformation is a big “magic weapon” for Wenzhou shoe enterprises. From a higher level, the ultimate way out for enterprises is to change the production mode from low-end high pollution and high energy consumption production mode to high-end manufacturing mode. The extensive growth mode of high energy consumption and high pollution is no longer suitable for the current economic situation. Enterprises should not only be good at using various technical means to save energy and reduce consumption, but also adjust the industrial structure and attach importance to energy conservation and emission reduction. 1t is not enough to rely on government regulation alone. They must also rely on appropriate systems to encourage them, such as environmental protection, land, finance and taxation, Guide enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions; Establish emission trading and other systems, so that those who take the initiative to save energy and reduce emissions have benefits and rewards

in the long run, the temporary power and production restriction measures may bring about market fluctuations in related industries, causing some enterprises to suddenly release their production capacity next year, causing retaliatory rebound in energy consumption and emissions, and aggravating the complexity of energy conservation and emission reduction in the future. 1n fact, in the past two years, power shortage, pollution and other disadvantages have forced enterprises to continuously strive for the initiative of production through technological innovation, and many enterprises choose to transform and upgrade

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