the decorator shot a 15mm long nail into his right eye with a nail gun and no goggles

During the National Day holiday, decoration worker Xiao Chen didn’t have a rest. At noon on the 6th, he skillfully put nails into the nail gun as usual. Unexpectedly, during the subsequent operation, the nail was shot into his right eye. His relatives and friends rushed him to a hospital in Fuzhou

the doctor slowly pulled out the nail from Xiao Chen’s wound while cleaning and suturing the wound to avoid the outflow of intraocular contents and vitreous. The nail pulled out was 15mm long and 5mm thick. Fortunately, there was no rust. Now, Xiao Chen is still in hospital for anti infection treatment, and is expected to be temporarily discharged in another week. He will be hospitalized again for intraocular lens implantation after a slight recovery of his right eye

the doctor said that she has been working for 10 years and has treated four or five decorators who were accidentally injured by nails. These fitters have a common fault, that is, careless in operation, do not wear goggles. Doctors remind that decorators or residents should pay attention to eye protection before nailing nails at home. 1n case of foreign body into the eye, should immediately seek medical advice, do not use hands to pull out, so as not to cause more damage to the eyes

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