The deeper significance of enterprises wearing anti static clothing

in the workshop, we usually see the production workers wearing uniform clothes and hats. Some factories even have shoe covers, gloves, chemical fiber clothes like plastic, and there are dense stripes on the clothes. At first, 1 thought it was the clothes that the factory provided for the workers for the sake of tidiness and beauty. Later, 1 came into contact with the anti-static industry, They are wearing anti-static clothing, which is an essential part to prevent static electricity from causing harm to enterprises

because when our human body does any action, it will produce friction, and a small friction will produce static electricity,

static electricity is very harmful to our industrial production. Once a little spark meets an open fire, the loss caused by it is immeasurable. Therefore, for our workers in the production line, Prevention of static electricity is essential

therefore, considering from our design, the friction of our human body is nothing more than the activity of our limbs. So reducing such friction is the primary goal of our work. What kind of clothes are the anti-static clothes we see? Now 1’ll give you a detailed introduction

anti static clothing is made of special anti-static clean fabric. This fabric is made of special polyester filament (a kind of carbon fiber, which can conduct electricity). 1t is embedded in our clothes, that is, the stripes or squares we see. 1t has the characteristics of anti-static, thin and smooth, and clear texture. 1n the process of garment production, special sewing machine is used to effectively reduce the generation of particles. The dust-free buckle belt avoids the environment pollution caused by hair falling. Different styles are provided according to the grade requirements, and the conductive fiber is used for sewing, so that the electrical continuity of each part of the garment can be maintained; The special double-layer structure of the sleeves and trousers, with conductive or antistatic rib in the inner layer, can meet the requirements of high-level dust-free environment

as you can see, the anti-static clothing meets the requirements of our human body to produce static electricity. Therefore, the anti-static clothing is an essential part of our production process

however, in today’s economic society, there are many businesses who are only for profit, which greatly reduces the anti-static performance of anti-static clothing. Although the appearance is no different from the real anti-static clothing, the price is very low, even the cost of anti-static clothing is less than, so we should polish our eyes, Because many of the anti-static clothing sold on the market are made by small workshops, which even don’t have a business license. The anti-static clothing made by these workshops is also shoddy. 1n some manufacturers, the stripes inside the static clothing are not made of conductive fibers, just ordinary knitting thread, which greatly reduces the cost of clothing, The clothes are also dyed with antistatic agent, so that we can pass the test, but after we wash it again, we will have no antistatic performance

therefore, the majority of consumers in the purchase of anti-static clothing must go to the regular company to buy, cleaning is also the same, to find a regular enterprise to clean, because they have special cleaning equipment, so that in the cleaning will not damage the anti-static performance of clothes

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