The details of the Spring Festival bus

“Hello, driver friend, please show me your driving certificate”, “passengers, please fasten your seat belt”. On the bus home for the Spring Festival, these two words should be heard frequently

on January 16, the Spring Festival transportation of 2014 came quietly, and the two major modes of transportation, train and automobile, also ushered in the biggest test of the whole year. A friend on the railway told reporters that for them, Spring Festival transportation is the final exam at the end of each year when they go to school. Xiao Bian knows a lot about buses, because he takes buses to his hometown every week. During the round trip, many problems have been found, such as overloading of vehicles, fire extinguishers, safety hammers, passenger safety belts, etc. during the Spring Festival, Xiaobian reminds passengers and drivers to pay attention to the following problems:

safety is everyone’s basic right. Correspondingly, they also need to abide by the rules and regulations Safe and civilized driving. Analysis of every traffic accident, almost all with the ideological carelessness, this is the biggest security risk. 1n the busy spring festival transportation, no matter how anxious the mood of going home and how busy the transportation task is, the first thing is not to lose the safety consciousness and not to have the fluke mentality. For drivers, they don’t drive tired cars or speeding cars, they don’t pass the security inspection, and they don’t leave the station without complete certificates; For passengers, they should fasten their seat belts, refuse to use overloaded cars, and dare to say “no” to traffic violations….

it has always been known as “the biggest migration activity of mankind”. 1 hope every friend can travel safely and arrive at the “station” smoothly

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