The development direction of antistatic protective clothing from the latest occupational safety regulations

with the rapid development of economy and the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the working conditions of industrial workers have been greatly improved, but all kinds of safety accidents are still an important threat to the safety of industrial workers’ lives and national property, constantly reminding us of the importance of occupational safety protection. Static electricity is one of the main factors that induce occupational diseases and threaten the safety of production of industrial workers. 1n addition to the explosion caused by the accumulation of static electricity, the harm to the human body is also huge: ultra high static electricity can change the normal potential difference of the human body surface and hinder the normal ECG conduction. The persistent static electricity can also increase the alkalinity of the blood, resulting in the decrease of calcium content in the serum and the increase of calcium excretion, thus causing skin pruritus and pigmentation, affecting the physiological balance of the human body, 1nterfere with people’s emotions, etc

at present, the relevant national departments continue to issue relevant laws and regulations to improve the safety protection system for industrial workers. The editors have studied several recent laws and regulations, listed some of which are related to electrostatic protection, hoping to discuss the development direction of anti-static protective clothing based on this< Article 4 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases stipulates that workers have the right to occupational health protection in accordance with the law, and the employing unit shall create a working environment and conditions that meet the requirements of national occupational health for workers, and take measures to ensure that workers get occupational health protection< Article 26 stipulates that the employer shall carry out regular maintenance and overhaul of the occupational disease prevention equipment, emergency rescue facilities and personal occupational disease prevention articles, and regularly test their performance and effect to ensure that they are in normal condition, and shall not dismantle or stop using them without authorization Article 18 of “safety regulations for surface mining of coalbed methane (for Trial 1mplementation)” stipulates that gas seam enterprises shall establish a system for the allocation, use and management of labor protection articles to provide employees with labor protection articles that meet national or industrial standards coalbed methane enterprises should train employees in the use of labor protection articles, and guide and educate employees to wear and use labor protection articles correctly< Article 202 when cleaning equipment and appliances, the following requirements shall be met: (3) it is strictly forbidden to use chemical fiber, plastic, silk and other products that are easy to produce static electricity to wipe objects and equipment Article 203 personnel’s clothing and anti-static shall meet the following requirements: (1) when entering explosion dangerous places, wear anti-static clothing with labor safety signs, cotton work clothes and anti-static shoes< The aq4115-2011 general guidelines for preventing static electricity of fireworks and firecrackers was implemented on December 1, 2011. Article 6.3.1 of the guidelines clearly stipulates that in flammable and explosive places, operators are strictly prohibited to wear chemical fiber, silk, wool and other materials, and should wear anti-static work clothes (see gb12014) or pure cotton work clothes< Article 5 of the measures for the administration of heatstroke prevention measures stipulates that: (4) provide workers with necessary high temperature protective equipment and personal protective equipment meeting the requirements, and strengthen the maintenance of high temperature protective equipment and the management of personal protective equipment to sum up the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, in order to enhance the awareness of safe production and ensure the safety of industrial workers’ lives and property, the application of labor protection articles will be more and more widely. For the health and safety of industrial workers, it is necessary to wear anti-static occupational safety protective clothing, but the single anti-static function has been unable to meet the current needs of various industries The law of the people’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases explicitly mentions that the State encourages and supports the research, development, popularization and application of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials conducive to the prevention and control of occupational diseases and the protection of workers’ health, and strengthens the basic research on the mechanism and occurrence law of occupational diseases, 1n the future, it will be a trend that the anti-static occupational safety protective clothing has the cooling function. According to the editor’s understanding, at present, the anti-static fabrics only have the single anti-static function, and there are few heat dissipation and cooling anti-static fabrics. At present, the more mature production enterprise of this kind of product technology is Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd., and the product is “Lanxiang saierfu” ice cool heat dissipation (cooling) anti-static occupational safety protection fabric. According to the introduction of blue sky sea researchers, the cooling fabric is independently developed by blue sky sea. 1t has an instant cool feeling of 1 ~ 2 ℃ at room temperature, and a temperature difference of 2 ~ 4 ℃ will be produced at high temperature outdoors. Once launched, this fabric has been widely concerned and praised by people from all walks of life the multi-functional anti-static occupational safety protective clothing is a new requirement for the occupational safety protection of industrial workers in today’s society. 1t is believed that the continuous development and promotion of multi-functional anti-static occupational safety protective clothing will be the main direction of the future development of functional occupational clothing

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