The development of footwear industry in moling town of Henan Province

moling Town, Xiangcheng City, Henan Province is known as “national key town” and “national pilot of comprehensive reform of small towns”, and is also famous for its shoe-making industry. During the Spring Festival in 2011, the shoemaking industry in the town had an unprecedented good situation in terms of sales. There were nearly 20 provinces in the country who came to the town to purchase, and the products sold out. Once there was a gratifying scene that the merchants held money for purchase, which really realized the transformation of the town’s shoe industry from the buyer’s market to the seller’s market. At present, there are more than 10 specialized shoemaking villages in the town, more than 607 shoemaking factories, and nearly 13200 people are directly employed. The annual production of various types of shoes is more than 30 million pairs, with an output value of 892 million yuan and a profit tax of 134 million yuan

How can the shoe industry of a small town in Central Plains develop so well? How can their shoes be so popular in the market

the combination of production, learning, research and marketing

the production of shoes industry in moling town began in the 1980s, with a simple process, single variety, no brand and characteristics, high risk and low profit. A few years ago, a warm winter weather hit moling’s shoemaking industry hard. Their cotton shoes were overstocked, and some factories were even on the verge of bankruptcy

learning from the bitter experience, the Party committee and government of moling town led us to play “five cards”: give full play to our comparative advantages and play “characteristic cards”; Realize the marketization of the operation of the agglomeration area and play a good “market card”; We should combine production, learning, research and marketing, and play a good “science and technology card”; Create “depression effect” and play a good “open card”; Establish the concept of circular economy and play the “ecological card”. Five cards make the shoemaking of the town scale and base. Through the way of “going out, please come in”, introducing new technology and adopting the ways of fund-raising and joint venture, the shoemaking industry has rapidly adjusted the product structure, realized the diversification and marketization of products, and rapidly extricated the shoemaking industry of the whole town from the predicament of single product and poor sales, thus forming a production base of shoe industry with “Chunlan” and other famous brands

Chunlan shoemaking factory is the largest shoemaking enterprise in moling Town, with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million pairs. 1n 2009, it invested 10 million yuan for transformation and upgrading, introduced domestic advanced production lines, and produced high-grade tourist warm shoes. The products are very popular

“if an old brand wants to survive, it must keep pace with the times, apply new technology and develop new products to develop.” Factory director Wu Chuanming has deep feelings

the development and utilization of new technologies, especially the application of shoe vulcanization technology, has increased the firmness and quality of shoe products. At present, the whole town has developed more than 60 varieties of eight series of thermal shoes, snow boots, tourist shoes, four seasons shoes, leisure shoes, cotton slippers, leather shoes and high-grade tourist thermal shoes

in just a few years, many enterprises have completed the “Three Leaps” from brand creation, independent research and development to the establishment of sales channels< Wu Chuanming, director of Chunlan shoemaking factory, said: "last year, we carried out joint production with Shanghai Keyuan shoemaking Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangwei shoemaking Co., Ltd. and BBC company in China. Our products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions and are favored by customers." the brand advantage promotes the joint production of Chunlan shoemaking factory, Shanghai Keyuan shoemaking company, Shanghai Guangwei shoemaking company and BBC company in China under the guidance of “famous brand driving strategy”, moling shoe-making enterprises carefully build their own brand. At present, five shoe-making enterprises in the town have registered their own trademarks, 11 shoe-making enterprises have been designated by the Ministry of agriculture as “enterprises with product quality up to standard”, 38 enterprise products have won the title of “famous and excellent products” in Henan Province, 8 series of more than 30 varieties have been developed, and more than 20 provinces have been sold with the development and growth of footwear industry, as a rapidly developing industrial cluster, moling footwear industry has developed more perfect industrial supporting facilities, spawned more than 20 related industries such as non-woven fabric, printing, machinery and weaving, and formed a complete shoe processing and production chain. There are no shoe-making materials that can’t be bought here, and many foreign shoe-making factories go to Xiangcheng to purchase raw materials the professional park highlights the clustering effect “it’s really busy”. Wu Chuanjun, the director of Chunya shoe factory, told the reporter the most words: “500000 pairs of tourist shoes from customers will be delivered by the end of this month, and the shoe factory will start working on the second day of the new year…” before he finished, his mobile phone rang, 1t’s an order call from a customer in Shanghai not only Chunya shoe factory, but also other shoe factories in the professional park are busy “the town invested 10 million yuan to build a shoe industrial park integrating production, sales and management, attracting” leading “enterprises to settle in, bringing shoe makers into the scope of management, unifying trademarks, materials supply and sales, solving the problems that can not be solved by each household, and effectively expanding the production capacity of enterprises.” The town party secretary Liu Dejun said the town organized some shoemaking enterprises to investigate and research the market in other places. Many operators realize that in order to make the footwear industry of moling town competitive, they must introduce capital, technology and talents, and realize the transformation of products from medium and low-grade to medium and high-grade, from single to diversified, from decentralized operation to large-scale production, and from disordered production to centralized management. With the help of professional park, moling shoe industry has developed vigorously with obvious agglomeration effect “we have been operating in the coastal areas for 20 years, and we are more confident to operate in the Central Plains for another 20 years. We are determined to build moling in Xiangcheng into a production base for the shoe industry.” Fujian boss, who entered the professional park last year, told reporters that there is a huge labor force advantage and a huge domestic market. The shoemaking industry is moving to the Central Plains. On the one hand, it can do foreign trade, on the other hand, it can also be sold domestically at present, the shoemaking professional park of the town has attracted many well-known shoemaking enterprises to settle in the cluster

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