The difference between emergency eyewash and ordinary eyewash

Emergency eye washer and emergency sprayer are commonly used protective equipment in workshops and laboratories. When the eyes are damaged by dangerous chemicals, the emergency eye washer can be used to flush the eyes first, and go to the hospital as soon as possible; When a lot of chemicals are spilled on the body, you can spray the whole body with the emergency sprinkler first (if there is no emergency sprinkler nearby, try to wash it with a lot of water). 1f necessary, go to the hospital as soon as possible

in order to ensure the safety and usefulness of the emergency eye washer and the emergency shower, and to use them correctly, the following rules are made for the use and protection of the emergency eye washer and the emergency shower eye washer:

1, application method

1. The eye washer can be used to wash the eyes and face. Put the eyes close to the eye washer nozzle, push the water inlet valve by hand, and the water in the eye washer will spray out from the eye washer nozzle, which can wash the eyes and face

2. The sprayer is used for whole body washing. The injured stood under the sprinkler and pulled down the valve handle. After spraying, he immediately pushed up the valve handle to seal the water< Second, the handling rules are 1. 1n order to avoid the deterioration of water quality in the water pipe or valve failure, the laboratory designated a special person to test the emergency eye washer and emergency sprinkler regularly, and start it every two weeks to water for about 10 seconds, check whether it is normal together, and repair the fault in time 2. The laboratory shall set up a special record book, record and sign each water test 3. Adhere to the cleaning of the eye washer, often scrub, usually cover the dust cover on the nozzle, to ensure that the nozzle of the eye washer will not be polluted Third, precautions 1. Emergency eye washer and emergency shower can not replace medical treatment. 1t is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible in severe condition after flushing 2. Emergency eyewash and emergency shower belong to special protective equipment and shall not be used for flushing instruments or other purposes 3. 1t is not allowed to cover the eye washer with instruments or other articles, so as to affect the urgent use of the eye washer China labor insurance net

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