The director of environmental protection can’t prove anything without a mask

To be frank

in view of the frequent occurrence of pollution days in Beijing, many people are concerned about whether Chen Tian, director of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, also wears a mask when going out? “1 don’t wear a mask and 1 don’t have an air purifier at home,” Chen Tian said on the 15th He said that 70% of PM2.5 is caused by human activities, and he hoped that the public could start from themselves and shoulder their share of responsibility

the director of Beijing Environmental Protection said that “1 don’t wear a mask”. The signal is not very related to the environmental quality of the urban area of Beijing, nor is the director’s physical fitness good enough to fight against the harm of haze, but out of a kind of power confidence – 1 hope to influence more people to pay attention to environmental protection by not wearing a mask, and in exchange for blue sky and clear water

if the director of environmental protection of Beijing Municipality doesn’t wear a mask is a gesture, then Huang Jiefu’s “1 don’t wear a mask” is a kind of popularization of scientific knowledge. According to him, wearing a general mask is ineffective. PM2.5 is very small. Ordinary masks can only block large particles such as PM10, which can only make people feel more comfortable psychologically. The key is to manage the environment well, especially the indoor air purification

when wearing masks has become a kind of psychological comfort for the citizens, but not wearing masks has become a kind of “charismatic force” for the officials, we are indeed moved by their spirit of sacrifice, but we can not help but feel sad for their overconfidence. Since the treatment of environmental pollution is not overnight and needs the joint efforts of the whole society, according to the current problems, how to make citizens travel relatively safely is not a simple problem of wearing masks

the governance ideas of officials should not only be based on the joint efforts of all, but also on how to better protect themselves. On the one hand, it is necessary to demonstrate whether people should wear masks and what kind of masks they should wear in order to be more effective; On the other hand, you might as well put down your airs and put on your own masks, especially when you travel by bus with the citizens instead of always taking the bus or staying in the office, otherwise your masks will lose their demonstration

it’s true that every one of us and every enterprise should bear our own responsibility for environmental protection, but as an official, whether you wear a mask or not really means nothing, let alone a demonstration effect. On the contrary, it is to do something beneficial that is worthy of people’s expectation. For example, we should reduce bus travel, wear masks together with the public to squeeze the bus; Another example is to deeply feel the fact that although the citizens wear masks, they do not have much effect, and then really increase the intensity of environmental governance, and even say “no” to those who are big polluters of the environment and big government tax payers, Finally ushered in a good environment without having to worry about whether to wear masks

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