The Dragon Boat Festival should pay attention to avoid food and disease

after eating zongzi, the elderly in ancient and rare areas suffered from persistent pain behind the sternum, which did not relieve after a night’s rest. They went to the hospital for gastroscopy and found a cord like hematoma in the lower part of the esophagus, which required hospitalization. Coincidentally, another citizen in Changzhou sleeps inexplicably before and after the Dragon Boat Festival. He goes to the hospital and finds out that he eats too many preserved eggs

seeing that the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, a large number of traditional festival foods such as zongzi, salted duck eggs and preserved eggs are on the market. However, doctors remind that not everyone can eat these foods, and some patients must pay attention to avoid them< On the morning of May 20, Mrs. Qian, 70, who lives in Xinbei District of Changzhou, came to the hospital for treatment because of retrosternal pain. When the doctor inquired about her medical history, she learned that she suffered from retrosternal pain after eating a zongzi and some broad beans the day before the onset of the disease after detailed physical examination and medical history inquiry, the doctor considered that the esophagus or gastric mucosa was damaged. Sure enough, under the gastroscope, he found that there was a cord like hematoma in granny Qian’s esophagus from 23 cm away from the incisors to the cardia of the stomach, that is, there was a tear in the mucosa of the lower esophagus. He immediately arranged for Granny Qian to be hospitalized the patient fainted after eating preserved eggs in addition, it is understood that there was a liver cirrhosis patient in his 50s who had an unexplained drowsiness before and after the Dragon Boat Festival every year. After waking up, everything was normal, and the reason was not found until one time the patient fell asleep for two or three days, and his family rushed him to the hospital, The examination found that his blood ammonia value was very high, causing a hepatic coma. After the doctor inquired, he learned that the patient liked to eat preserved eggs very much. This time he ate three. Because he has liver cirrhosis, poor liver function, preserved egg itself is a high protein food, and contains more ammonia, both of which will cause blood ammonia rise, thus inducing liver coma. The family suddenly realized that the previous so many inexplicable sleepiness were caused by “pidan”. Doctors repeatedly stressed that this situation is very dangerous, liver cirrhosis patients must avoid eating preserved eggs who should avoid the traditional food of the Dragon Boat Festival the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and zongzi, salted duck eggs and preserved eggs are on the stage one after another, gradually becoming the “frequent guests” at the table. According to traditional Chinese medicine, brown leaf is a good medicine for clearing heat and relieving summer heat. Glutinous rice also has the effect of Supplementing Qi, generating fluid and clearing heat. Generally speaking, zongzi has the effect of clearing heat, removing vexation, helping spleen and appetizing, which is especially suitable for early summer. Salted duck egg has the effect of clearing lung fire and reducing Yin fire; Preserved eggs are cool in nature, and it is best for those who have a strong fire. 1t seems that these three kinds of food belong to seasonal food, but it should be noted that not everyone is suitable for eating< 1. Glutinous rice is often used to make zongzi, but glutinous rice is sticky, and excessive eating is easy to cause dyspepsia. Patients with peptic ulcer history should eat less zongzi2. Diabetic patients should not eat sweet zongzi< 3. Patients with cardiovascular disease should not eat meat dumplings with high fat content< Salted duck eggs should not be salted too long. Patients with hypertension, heart failure and kidney disease are not suitable to eat. Salted duck eggs are high in salt content. Eating too much for a long time is easy to cause arteriosclerosis, blood pressure is not easy to control, and it will also increase the center of gravity and kidney burden< There is ammonia in preserved egg, so patients with low liver function should not eat it this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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