The drainage well is equipped with safety net, and the “road black hole” is no longer terrible

in recent years, the news of human casualties caused by the lack of well cover is common, and there are great potential safety hazards in drainage wells without any protective measures. 1n order to avoid the “road black hole” caused by the theft, missing and damage of urban road well covers, which may cause potential safety hazards to pedestrians and vehicles, Xuanhua District of Hunan Province began to install safety protection nets on drainage wells

according to the staff of the Municipal Services Department, the protective net is suspended about 15 cm away from the wellhead of the inspection well and fixed on the shaft wall by the iron drill. The iron drill is a full surrounding structure for the protective net, and the protective net is hung on the hook in circles, which can catch people or objects that slip into the wellhead” This kind of net is made of nylon, the rope of the outer ring is fixed well, and can bear the weight of at least 100 kg. 1f the manhole cover is lost and someone falls in, this safety net can prevent people from falling into the well. ” 1n order to let reporters know whether the safety protection net is safe, after the installation, a staff member stood up and moved back and forth. The net is very strong and can bear it completely

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