the dust mask has the national standard. This is just the beginning

implementation of China’s first haze mask Standard

photo source: Hefei online

the national standard of “technical specification for daily protective masks” has been officially implemented since November 1. This is China’s first national standard for civil protective masks

protection effect is the core index of the standard. The protection effect level is set according to the air quality category in the national air quality standard, which is divided into four levels from low to high: D level, C level, B level and a level

grade D is suitable for moderate pollution (PM2.5 concentration ≤ 150 μ g / m3) and below,

grade C is suitable for severe pollution (PM2.5 concentration ≤ 250 μ g / m3) and below,

grade B is suitable for severe pollution (PM2.5 concentration ≤ 150 μ g / m3),

grade A is used when PM2.5 concentration reaches 500 μ g / m3

according to the national standard, if the concentration of PM2.5 inhaled can be reduced to below 75 μ g / m3 after wearing the mask, and the air quality inhaled after filtering can reach a good or above level, then it is qualified

the implementation of the specification may improve the phenomenon that there is no standard to follow in the market of civil protective masks

the specification has strict regulations on the packaging, identification, storage and transportation of masks, and the identification is required to include “product protection effect level” and “executive standard number”

China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association took the lead in drafting the “specification”. Li Guimei, vice president of the association, said in an interview with zhongxin.com that the standard has 15 indicators to judge products from three aspects of safety, hygiene and protection. Moreover, referring to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the toxic and harmful substances are also strictly regulated

she said that many well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad have been developing and producing masks according to the specifications and sent them to a third-party authoritative testing agency for testing. A batch of masks that meet the specifications will be listed one after another. The association will also regularly release the list of enterprises meeting the standards to the public, and cultivate brand pilot enterprises

Xiaobian said: the introduction of the national standard for dust masks is so timely! When you go to the store to buy masks in the future, you may as well pay attention to whether the packaging of new masks has been marked with “product protection effect level” and other contents. 1n addition, Xiaobian is also curious about how to deal with these so-called “old masks” after new masks are listed one after another? 1 hope the relevant departments can also give a clear statement

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