The effect of Houjie shoe industry cluster is remarkable

recently, the work summary meeting of Houjie Town in the first half of 2010 showed that the total industrial output value of Houjie Town increased by 48.61%, of which the shoe and hat, home textile and furniture industries increased by more than 30% year-on-year, and the electromechanical and communication industries increased by more than 100% year-on-year

Houjie Town has increased investment in shoe-making industry, furniture manufacturing industry and mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry. At present, the effect of Houjie Electromechanical, furniture, shoe-making three leading industrial clusters is remarkable: Houjie shoe enterprises account for one third of the total number of enterprises in the town, and the shoe industry cluster is listed in the fourth batch of Guangdong 1ndustrial Cluster Upgrading demonstration zone. The output value of the town’s furniture industry has reached 5 billion yuan, and the furniture creative industry has been listed in the first batch of industrial clusters supported by the city< Li Huiqin, Secretary of Houjie Town Party committee, said that focusing on the transformation of processing enterprises with supplied materials and the transformation and upgrading of shoe-making industry, and guiding traditional enterprises to develop in the direction of scale, brand and refinement, has become the focus of Houjie's acceleration of industrial restructuring and transformation

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