the efficacy of portable anti haze artifact is limited

The awesome effect of portable anti haze artifact is limited by

experts: it is better to protect the mask to

. The weekend haze weather again aims at people to aim at all kinds of anti haze products, and the small size portable air purifier can be sold well. Businesses say it can disperse the pollutant particles within one meter around the wearer and “wrap” the wearer in clean air. The product is popular on e-commerce platforms, and there are group buying for children by parents. However, experts say that the machine is “limited” and may not be as awesome as a respirator when it is outside. Br / >

the “artifact” dispels near body pollution

Beijing Morning Post reporter saw that the volume of the negative ion air purifier is less than half the size of a mobile phone, wearable, and is claimed to be “the most effective personal rechargeable air purifier in the world”. According to the publicity page of a brand, its air cleaning effect is 9 times more powerful than that of similar products. 1t can remove 100% dust and pollen, 99% virus and 98% PM2.5 within the working range, and disperse pollutants within one meter around the wearer’s head

the reporter found that most of these portable and wearable purifiers are foreign brands, which are sold on the offshore outsourcing platform of e-commerce, and the prices range from 500 to 600 yuan. There are also some domestic unknown manufacturers, the price is more than one or two hundred yuan

on the recommendation of her colleagues, Ms. Wang bought such a device from the United States and gave it to her son who was in primary school. “The children have a wide range of activities, the activity time is uncertain, the masks are not easy to take off and wear, and the purifier in the classroom is very small, so we have to try this one. 1f it works, 1’m going to buy some more. But there are also consumers who “don’t pay” for this product. “Air is circulating, and people are mobile. Will this thing process harmful particles faster than air flow?”


it’s better to wear a mask to prevent haze outdoors

the reporter interviewed Deng Gaofeng, Secretary General of China’s air purification industry and director of low carbon building research center of China Academy of building Sciences. He said that this kind of air purifier mainly uses negative ion technology to make the particles around the machine attract each other after carrying static electricity, and the small particles become large particles after bonding with each other, and then sink” Our test in the experimental cabin shows that this technology can indeed reduce the PM2.5 content in the air. The particulate matter does not disappear, but adheres to the floor, furniture and clothing. So people who have anion purifiers at home can have a look. After a long time, the furniture will be covered with “black dust.”. 1n the same way, if people wear purifiers, the “black dust” will fall on people’s skin and clothes. 1f it is not handled in time, the particles will still be inhaled into the respiratory tract as the human body moves and the air flows. So its effect is limited. “

director Deng also explained that the effective experiment was carried out in the environment of the experimental cabin, so “people with air purifier may only be effective when they use it in a relatively closed environment. 1f they are outdoors, it may not be as effective as a mask.”

Mr. Ying, who has been engaged in the production and sales of air purifiers for many years, said that most of the negative ion technology used in air purification will inevitably produce ozone, and the elderly and children should be particularly cautious in using it. They should pay attention to whether the emission indicators are compliant and whether they have obtained the “disinfection administrative license” issued by relevant departments

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