the Enlightenment of the discount of compensation without helmet

Cao Shifu, a migrant worker injured at the construction site, filed a lawsuit against a decoration company in Liancheng, Fujian Province, claiming more than 125000 yuan in medical expenses and disability compensation, the workers’ Daily reported on April 26. Recently, the court made a judgment on the case. Because he didn’t wear a helmet at the time of the incident, master Cao was also responsible for his injuries. The decoration company was sentenced to bear 70% of the compensation liability, and master Cao was compensated 87500 yuan

although the above incidents are individual cases, they reflect an objective reality to a certain extent: many construction workers do not wear safety helmets, which may not be accidental negligence once or twice, but become a habit. Some of the reasons are that they are inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear, while others are lucky to think that the accident will not happen

nowadays, relevant departments and enterprises are actively creating safe, hygienic and comfortable working conditions for workers to prevent casualties, poisoning and occupational diseases as far as possible. All kinds of labor protection measures are becoming more and more perfect. 1n addition to providing some workers with work clothes, gas masks, protective gear, gloves and hats, it also includes regular health examination for workers engaged in toxic and harmful operations, and special training for workers engaged in special operations in safety production

however, if the self-protection consciousness of the workers is not enhanced, the string of safety production is not tight, and the hardware measures are perfect, the workers are lazy to use or unwilling to use it, it can only be in vain in the end. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the necessary publicity and training for the workers, especially the migrant workers in the field of construction engineering

to ensure safety in production, we should rely on the workers themselves, and at the same time, we should rely on the process, rules and other “hard bars”. Nowadays, for some enterprises, rules and discipline are not lacking, but they are not precise and detailed, and lack of effective supporting incentive and reward and punishment measures. How to get discipline rules out of the strange circle of “saying is important and doing is” don’t “and really come true, live up and enter the mind and heart, relevant enterprises still need to think more

in addition, normal supervision and seamless supervision are also important guarantees for safety production to the end. Timely listen to workers’ feedback on labor protection measures and discipline rules, and flexibly and effectively adjust and improve relevant regulations and measures; 1t is necessary to fulfill the obligation of supervision and fully mobilize the grass-roots forces by setting up supervisors and other means

from every worker’s initiative to put on a safety helmet to all parties’ strict compliance with discipline and regulations and cooperative operation, the efforts of every subject and every link will not be in vain, and they are also a further step towards the goal of “safety and no accident”

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