The era change of tooling

“People are clothes and horses are saddles.”. When it comes to work clothes, 1 believe every miner has an indescribable cordiality to it, because it accompanies the daily work of miners, so that they are not scratched, touched, rubbed and injured in their work. More importantly, it also shows people the corporate image and concept, so that employees feel the rapid change of life and the vigorous development of the country and the unit. Recently, the reporter went into liujiacun coal mine, a coal mine group, to trace the changing course of working clothes in the mine, and feel the development and changes of liujiacun coal mine recorded in this silent way.

“the one who looks like a beggar from a distance”

“the one who looks like a beggar from a distance looks like a coal digger when you come near”. A joke like old doggerel reflects the sadness of the old generation of coal miners. Liu Jia, a 69 year old retired worker who has personally experienced liujiacun mine from breaking ground to putting into operation, said that the earliest work clothes were called “small canvas”. The canvas fabric of the clothes was made of cotton yarn or flax, hard and thick, but strong and wear-resistant. This is a practical work clothes, old style, single function, only played the most basic protective role, it is bulky and uncomfortable to wear, whenever you wipe sweat, you even have to frown, because the rigid cloth is very face piercing. Not only that, this kind of clothing is also particularly difficult to wash. When washing, use a large washing basin to fill with hot water, and put industrial soda powder one after another. After stirring, soak it for half an hour, and then rub it vigorously. Some work clothes can weigh more than 10 jin after being soaked in water. 1t’s very hard to clean them. Often, the hands after washing clothes will be wrinkled by alkali water… 1t’s not easy to wash them, but it’s difficult to dry them. Therefore, if the work clothes of the older generation of coal miners are not too dirty to wear, they are “reluctant” to wash them once.

“don’t mention how proud it is”

with the growing scale of production, the mine has developed from a continuous loss at the initial stage of production to an annual profit of over 100 million yuan. From 1997, the first general mining area created an annual output of 370000 tons of national advanced level, to 2002, the mine broke through the raw coal output of 1.2 million tons, The work clothes worn by employees are also changing quietly: from color to fabric, from style to workmanship, from comfort to safety, they have been greatly improved. The style of work clothes is more novel and fit, giving consideration to practicality and beauty, with the characteristics of ventilation, sweat absorption, dirt resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, fire prevention, anti-static and so on.

“1 still remember how 1 felt when 1 wore work clothes for the first time. 1 was so excited that 1 didn’t sleep all night.” Sun Feng, a 56 year old worker in the coal handling area of the mine, can’t wait to say, “when 1 was young, 1 lived in the countryside. At that time, 1 didn’t have the concept of work clothes in the countryside. Mother makes a new suit for the new year. She is reluctant to wear it. She often wears patched clothes to work in the field. At that time, 1 saw that the coal miners in our village wear work clothes to go home for the new year every year. 1 was very envious. 1 was very hot eyed from the bottom of my heart. 1 always dreamed that one day 1 could be a worker and wear work clothes. Later, 1 became a worker in liujiacun mine’s transportation and transportation area through recruitment. 1t was the first time 1 got work clothes. 1 was not so happy. 1 wore new work clothes to my hometown on New Year’s day, not to mention how proud 1 was! ”

in 2009, the mining mechanization of thin coal seam with hard gangue below one meter was realized, reaching the international leading level; 1n 2010, the second fully mechanized mining area of the mine produced 685800 tons of coal safely, and completed the goal of creating a 800000 tons coal mining team with thin coal seam machine mining three years ahead of schedule. The work clothes of this period also witnessed this historic leap. Now, the design concept of work clothes is more people-oriented. They have tight cuffs, tight feet, and reflective strips on the front and back of the coat. Once illuminated by the light, you can clearly identify your position. The logo of “Yangcun Coal Mine of Yankuang Group” on the front makes people full of confidence. Every time large-scale activities, the staff of the whole mine wear uniform clothes, which not only shows the style of workers in the new era, but also shows the good style of the whole enterprise.

a special person is also responsible for the washing of work clothes” No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, or in the wind and rain, every one of our employees can go down the well in dry work clothes and work with great vigor! ” Liu Pengfei, a technician in the first driving area of the mine, said so.

in order to find out, the reporter walked into the laundry room of the staff service center of the mine, and his eyes were immediately attracted by rows of neatly stacked work clothes. Wang Lixia, the monitor of the laundry, said that every piece of work clothes should go through nine procedures, including collection, rinsing, dehydration, drying, sewing, registration, folding, shelving and distribution. On the other side of the laundry room, Li Qin, a female worker, is carefully checking a lot of work clothes one by one to see if there are any seams, damages and buttons; Xu Suqin is using the sewing machine to mend the damaged work clothes. As she works, she says: “these work clothes are sent by the workers on the morning shift after they go up the well. After the sewing is finished, we will fold them one by one, just in time for tomorrow’s shift.”

in the past two years, liujiakuang has recruited many new workers born in the 1980s and 1990s, and “fashionable”, “avant-garde” and “personality publicity” are the pronouns of these young people. But the reporter found that after work, there are often some young men wearing work clothes to go shopping, which is very eye-catching on the street and has become a unique scenery in the mining area

the times are changing, and Yahan’s work clothes are also changing. Seeing these miners wearing our work clothes, 1 feel very happy and proud. Yahan uses all his life’s time and energy to do one thing well, make good work clothes, build the first brand of Henan’s work clothes, and tailor it to the needs of people who work hard in the workplace

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