The establishment of shoe industry standards will promote the overall development of Chengdu shoe enterprises

at present, there are more than 1100 enterprises directly engaged in shoe-making industry with a certain scale in Chengdu, more than 3000 shoe material supporting enterprises, more than 150000 employees, with an annual output of 140 million pairs of shoes, and the export alone will reach US $1 billion this year

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced “138 industry standards for machinery, light industry, textile and packaging”, including 10 new standards for shoe production, manufacturing, fabric and technology. This indicates that shoe making standards will be further improved

in addition, according to relevant sources, the Ministry of industry and information technology will publish more than 30 national standards related to shoes this month” Before the approval and release of the above standards, in order to further listen to the opinions of all sectors of society, they are now being publicized, and the deadline for publicity is September 29, 2010. ” According to the science and Technology Department of M11T

as the capital of women’s shoes in China, Chengdu has many OEM enterprises of foreign shoe enterprises, accounting for about 35% of China’s women’s shoes exports. Because of the low standard before, Chengdu shoe enterprises have encountered trade barriers from 1taly, Germany, Argentina and other countries for many times. After the implementation of the new standard, it is conducive to accelerate the technological upgrading of enterprises and participate in the world competition in a wider range, so as to promote the overall development process of Chengdu shoe enterprises

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