The export of Ganzhou’s shoe industry is increasing by times and building an industrial cluster

with the gradual transfer of southeast coastal industries to the central region, Ganzhou’s shoe-making industry is growing and becoming the largest shoe production base and export base in the province. According to Ganzhou customs, from January to April this year, Ganzhou exported 5.96 million pairs of shoes and 30.77 million US dollars, u2.5 times and 1.2 times year-on-year respectively, accounting for 20% and 29% of the province’s total export volume and total value of shoes< Through further analysis, it is found that although the export of shoes in Ganzhou develops rapidly from January to April this year, the average export price of each pair of shoes is only about US $4, a year-on-year decrease of about 47%, showing the characteristics of volume increase and price decrease, which fully shows that the share of shoes in the same industry in the international market is increasing. At the same time, Gannan shoemaking enterprises are few and scattered, so it is difficult to play the industrial cluster effect, and it is not conducive to continue to attract relevant supporting industries to settle in our city. From January to April this year, there were only four shoe-making enterprises with export performance in Ganzhou City, and they were scattered in golden economic and Technological Development Zone, Nankang, Yudu and QUANNAN, among which the export value of Nankang and golden economic and Technological Development Zone accounted for 98% of the city's shoe export volume. Therefore, Ganzhou should take active measures to consolidate the export status of the original footwear industry, reasonably arrange the industrial development pattern, actively undertake industrial transfer and improve supporting industries, accelerate the construction of a complete industrial chain and industrial cluster, and form a new core competitiveness as soon as possible

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