The export value of Fujian shoe enterprises to Europe and America shows an upward trend

in the shoe market, Fujian shoe enterprises have been carrying their own piece of sky with their resolute attitude

recently, the reporter learned from Fujian entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau that from January to August, the jurisdiction exported 154000 batches of shoes, totaling 1.298 billion pairs, with an export value of US $4.201 billion, an increase of 24.80%, 10.75% and 24.80% respectively over the same period of last year, and the average export unit price reached a record high

according to the survey, Fujian’s footwear export shows four positive trends this year. First, the unit price of footwear reached a new high, with an average export unit price of US $3.24 per pair from January to August, a record high; Second, the product structure was adjusted rapidly, with the export volume of plastic shoes increased by 136.8% and that of synthetic leather shoes by 118.90%; Third, the European and American markets recovered well. From January to August, the value of exports to Europe and America reached US $2.680 billion, accounting for 63.79% of the total value; Fourth, the number of large-scale shoe enterprises increased. From January to August, there were 26 shoe enterprises with export scale exceeding US $20 million in Fujian, an increase of 8 over the same period last year

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