The export volume of Wenzhou shoe enterprises in the first three quarters surpassed that of last year

just after September, Wenzhou’s export of shoes has already received a successful report, and it took only nine months to quickly complete the journey of last year. According to statistics, in the first three quarters, Wenzhou’s shoe exports reached 517 million pairs, reaching US $2.919 billion, exceeding the annual level of last year by five percentage points. 1t is expected that it will hit a record high next

with the gradual recovery of the global economy, the number of export enterprises is also increasing, and many foreign trade enterprises are eager to try foreign trade. Since March, the export volume of shoes in Wenzhou has been increasing for six consecutive months, taking the lead in getting out of difficulties and achieving good results. The resilience and international competitiveness of Wenzhou’s traditional advantageous industries can be seen. At the end of September, the number of shoe export enterprises in Wenzhou increased from 908 in the same period last year to 1009 now. Shenghuo, Bailikang, niubage, Jiapeng shoes, Lihao and other shoe companies joined in for the first time

in terms of product structure, leather shoes are still the “leading role” in export, accounting for 63.6% of the total export value of shoes, followed by leather shoes and cloth shoes. 1n addition, the export countries and regions are gradually diversified. At present, there are 159 countries and regions exporting footwear products in Wenzhou. The U.S. market accounts for 15.76% of the total exports, ranking first, followed by Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and other 9 countries, accounting for 63.55% of the total exports

“in the first three quarters, in addition to the background of recovery, the sharp decrease in the number of foreign notifications also provided a relatively relaxed international environment. 1n addition, it was boosted by foreign businessmen turning orders from Guangzhou and other places to Wenzhou. There was a general shortage of front-line workers, especially in July and August, which formed the situation of foreign trade getting orders and looking for enterprises.” Qu Xiaohua, deputy director of textile department of Wenzhou entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said

however, with the increasing pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction and the further erosion of enterprise profits due to the rising prices of raw materials, the situation may slow down in the fourth quarter

with the baptism of the financial crisis, the industrial concentration has become higher and higher, and the proportion of large-scale enterprises has continued to increase. The number of shoe capital enterprises in China, where shoe enterprises are concentrated, accounts for 10.9% of Wenzhou’s export shoe enterprises, while the total export value of shoe capital enterprises is US $636 million, accounting for 21.79% of Wenzhou’s export shoe enterprises. Jindi shoes and Juyi group are two inspection free enterprises with export value ranking first and second, with total export value of 168 million US dollars, accounting for 5.76% of Wenzhou’s total export value of footwear products. The number of enterprises with export value above US $10 million has increased to 49, which will soon exceed the number of 51 at the end of last year

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