The facilities in the park were burned beyond recognition

1ntroduction to the accident:

at 5:40 p.m. on February 19, the “swing flying chair” equipment suddenly caught fire in the process of maintenance in Hunan Martyrs Park Playground. Although the fire officers and soldiers put out the fire in time, the whole equipment was still burned beyond recognition, leaving only the steel frame structure, and the stainless steel flying chair was also burned and deformed. The fire did not cause casualties

accident analysis:

according to the relevant person in charge of the park management department, the equipment broke down before the Spring Festival and has been in a state of outage for maintenance. Only four workers were in repair at the time of the accident. The initial cause of the fire was that the workers polished the welding operation to produce sparks. Because the top of the “swing flying chair” was a plastic structure, the fire was not big, but by the wind, The flame spread rapidly from the top of the equipment, and the thick smoke came out instantly

the relevant person in charge of the operation section of Hunan Martyrs Park said that before the Spring Festival, the inspection department carried out daily inspection on the amusement equipment in the park and found that the reducer of the “swing flying chair” equipment was faulty, so the park immediately took shutdown measures and informed the manufacturer to send someone to repair it. At the time of the incident, four workers were carrying out grinding and welding operations. “The sparks splashed during grinding caused a fire, and no one was injured.”

according to Liu Hong (pseudonym), the owner of a nearby shop, the equipment had been shut down before the incident, and there were no tourists when the fire broke out< At present, the fire department is investigating the specific cause of the fire after the accident: the park will check all the amusement equipment after the “swing flying chair” fire, other amusement equipment is still in normal operation. The person in charge explained that the fire was just an accident, not the fault of the equipment itself. After daily inspection of other equipment, no fault was found, so the normal operation of these equipment was not affected. However, for the sake of safety, the park will conduct a comprehensive safety investigation on all amusement equipment in the park on the 20th, and arrange employees to implement the “daily inspection” system to ensure that the equipment is safe the relevant person in charge of the park management department said that the park’s playground is jointly operated with the amusement equipment manufacturers. The park provides venues, and the manufacturers provide equipment and operators for management. There are more than 40 amusement equipment in the park, large and small. These amusement equipment need to be tested by the relevant national departments before opening to the outside world the person in charge stressed that the park has always adopted a safety inspection system combining daily inspection, monthly inspection and annual inspection for all amusement facilities. Before the operation of each amusement equipment, the operator will check the equipment. At the same time, the park will conduct a comprehensive safety investigation on the equipment once a month. 1n addition, the provincial quality supervision department will conduct annual inspection on amusement facilities every year comments: amusement park should not only eliminate the safety hazards of equipment, but also take fire prevention measures. For welding personnel to do a good job of personal protection, wear welding mask, wear protective clothing, beware of accidents we solemnly declare that this article is an original article of China labor insurance network. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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