the farmer’s hands fester after painting employer: he didn’t wear gloves at that time (photo)

Mr. Li’s hands peeled seriously. Hainan Special Economic Zone newspaper

original title: who is responsible for the rotten hands of migrant workers painting? 1ndustry and Commerce and labor supervision departments intervene

“look at my hands. They are rotten. 1t’s not convenient to eat and take a bath, let alone work.” On the morning of the 18th, Mr. Li, a 40 year old migrant worker from Sichuan Province, looked at his hands and felt like crying. Mr. Li said that after he went to Mr. Huang’s house to paint, his hands had problems. 1n this regard, Mr. Huang said that Mr. Li did not wear gloves to protect his hands when painting, which led to ulceration of his hands. After the incident, he had paid Mr. Li 2200 yuan for treatment. On the same day, Haikou industry and Commerce Department and labor supervision department intervened in the investigation

migrant workers: after painting the protective net of the house owner, his hands were rotten

on the morning of the 18th, the reporter met Mr. Li, a migrant worker, on the roadside of Hongcheng Lake in Haikou City. He showed his hands to the reporter. The skin of the palms of his hands was cracked, and there were a lot of dead skin, which was shocking

Mr. Li told reporters that he is 41 years old. He came to Haikou from his hometown in Sichuan Province to work. He usually lives by painting. Last month, when he was painting the burglar proof net of the house owner’s house, Mr. Li suddenly felt swelling and pain in his hands. Later, the skin of his palm ulcerated and peeled, which scared him

“on March 17, the owner of the house, Mr. Huang, hired me to paint the anti-theft net of his new house. 1 started painting from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., 1 found that my hands couldn’t be closed, and my hands were red and swollen seriously.” Mr. Li told reporters that when he found that his hands were seriously swollen, he immediately went to the hospital for treatment. Later, his hands appeared swelling, ulceration, peeling and other symptoms, and the situation became more and more serious. He was hospitalized for more than a week and spent several thousand yuan to relieve the swelling symptoms, but now the peeling is more serious, affecting his normal life” Now it’s difficult to eat and take a bath, and 1 can’t do any work. “

according to Mr. Li, at that time, he and Mr. Huang agreed that they would only contract labor, not materials. He was only responsible for painting, and the paint and other raw materials were provided by Mr. Huang

Mr. Li said that after his hand problems, Mr. Huang paid part of the treatment fee, which totaled 2200 yuan, while he paid a total of more than 5000 yuan for the treatment, and more than 1000 yuan for the injection after discharge” My hands are rotten and 1 can’t work to earn money to support my family. There are still two children at school. Later, 1 found Mr. Huang and wanted him to pay part of the medical expenses and the loss of work delay, but he refused to pay for it. ” Mr. Li said

Homeowner: Mr. Li didn’t take protective measures when painting, which led to problems in his hands

on the 18th, the reporter and Mr. Li found the homeowner Mr. Huang to understand the situation

both Mr. Huang and his wife, Ms. Wu, said that they hired Mr. Li to paint the anti-theft net of their house for 570 yuan a day, but Mr. Li only brushed it for one afternoon, and then he had hand problems. On that day, they paid Mr. Li 200 yuan to go to the treatment first, and then they paid him 2000 yuan. Mr. Huang believes that the key to the problem lies in Mr. Li himself

“at that time, he didn’t wear gloves and directly used his hands to paint. We said that this was not good. We asked if he needed to buy Gloves, but Mr. Li insisted that he couldn’t do the work in this way.” Mr. Huang said that Mr. Li’s hands were red, swollen and ulcerated when he touched the paint directly with his hands, and the instructions for the use of the paint specially reminded him not to work directly with his hands

Mr. Huang said that if Mr. Li still disagrees with this matter, both parties can go to the relevant departments for labor arbitration, and he will certainly bear the responsibility he should bear

Mr. Li said that he didn’t wear gloves to brush the paint before and there was no problem, so he thought that it was probably the quality of the paint provided by Mr. Huang that caused his hands to be red, swollen, festering and peeling. For this view, Mr. Huang does not agree. He said that he bought the paint from his sister’s shop. There are regular manufacturers, and there is no quality problem within the warranty period< On the 18th, the law enforcement personnel of Guoxing industrial and Commercial Office of Haikou industrial and commercial bureau and the staff of labor supervision and security brigade of Qiongshan district were also present to understand the situation at the scene, Chen chuanchen, director of Guoxing industrial and commercial office, said that after the initial inspection of the paint involved, the law enforcement officers did not find any problems such as expiration, but the outer packaging of Songjie water added during the operation had problems such as no production date and manufacturer. They had asked the sister of Mr. Huang, the shop owner, to provide a business license and a copy, And inform the supplier to provide product certificate and test report for further investigation at the same time, the staff of the labor supervision and security brigade of Qiongshan District, Haikou City informed Mr. Li and Mr. Huang that if they have any objection to the employment responsibility, they can file an arbitration with the labor supervision department, and they will deal with it according to the investigation. 1n this regard, both parties indicated that they would settle it through labor arbitration. Source: Hainan Special Economic Zone News

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