the filtering principle of anti haze mask is not unknown! 1s your mask PM2.5 proof?

With the outbreak of haze in most areas of China in recent years, PM2.5 protective masks have become very popular. Many businesses have come up with the idea of PM2.5, claiming that the masks they sell have the effect of blocking PM2.5 particles. Experts said that there are a large number of anti PM2.5 masks on the market at present. Due to the long-term lack of quality standards for PM2.5 masks, the market products are mixed and the quality of adulteration is serious. How to choose the protective mask to achieve good protective effect? This also starts with the principle of filtration< One of the main factors affecting the protection level of the mask is the filtration efficiency of the filter material. Whether natural or synthetic filter materials are used to filter particles, their filtering mechanism can be summarized as the following five kinds: Second, what kind of mask can achieve PM2.5 prevention effect the above filtering principle tells us that the large particles of dust are mainly filtered through inertial impact and interception, while the small particles are more likely to achieve filtering effect through diffusion and electrostatic action. Therefore, for the particle size of 1 μ However, for PM2.5 particles, most of which are submicron, the interception effect is very weak, so it is more effective to filter and remove PM2.5 particles by means of particle diffusion principle and electrostatic principle. Therefore, the effective filter material of PM2.5 is often the melt blown non-woven fabric loaded with static electricity at present, the masks on the market mainly include cotton masks, gauze masks, medical masks, activated carbon masks and industrial dust masks. What is the protective effect of these masks on haze? These figures tell you the truth: 3. Pay attention to wearing masks after reading the above introduction, 1 believe you have a professional understanding of the filtering and protective effects of various masks. When choosing a mask, it is necessary to choose a mask that has filtering effect on particles after being tested by a professional protection organization. When wearing the mask, it is necessary to match its own face shape. 1t is necessary to pay attention to the close fit with the face and fasten it at the bridge of the nose. The better the fit, the better the protection effect. Otherwise, it will not have the protection effect in addition, masks should not be worn for a long time. On the one hand, a large number of pollutants such as particulate matter are adsorbed on the outside of the mask, which will increase the respiratory resistance and cause discomfort; On the other hand, the inside of the mask will also absorb bacteria and viruses in the exhaled air. 1f it is not replaced in time, it will cause secondary pollution. Therefore, it is incorrect to wear a mask all day. 1f it is to protect the smog pollution outside, it can be removed indoors. Masks that can be used for many times should be cleaned and disinfected every day (PM2.5 masks generally cannot be cleaned and can only be replaced), scalded with boiling water for a few minutes, and then dried in the sun for disinfection

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