The fire hydrant was broken and the passing car was washed with water

A few days ago, some people called our hotline and said that a fire hydrant near the intersection of the Second Ring North Road and Dongyu street was broken and the water gushed out six or seven meters high

when the reporter arrived at the scene, he found that the broken fire hydrant was located in the green belt on the south side of the road. 1n the distance, he could clearly see a stream of water gushing out, six or seven meters high. Approaching the scene, the reporter saw that the water from the fire hydrant flowed into the roadside sewer

when there are vehicles passing by, they still stop under the water column to “borrow water” to wash the car. There are also passing vehicles, return to the water column to “wash the car”

the reporter immediately called the 12319 municipal service hotline, and the staff said that it would be reported to the relevant departments immediately. People passing by also called the police. Subsequently, patrol police, police station, traffic police have come to the scene to deal with

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