The first batch of enterprises listed in the credit rating evaluation of labor insurance industry were awarded certificates

1n order to fully implement the requirements of the planning outline for the construction of social credit system (2014-2020), the opinions of the Ministry of civil affairs and other eight departments on promoting the construction of integrity self-discipline of trade associations and chambers of Commerce, and the opinions of the Ministry of Commerce on accelerating the construction of business integrity, further standardize and promote the work of industry credit evaluation, and speed up the construction of credit evaluation system with industry organizations as the main body As a “five in one” industry credit system supported by third-party organizations, widely participated by enterprises, guided and regulated by the government, and guaranteed by social supervision, China textile business association has reevaluated the first batch of enterprises participating in credit rating evaluation. The results have been put on record by the Ministry of Commerce and are of national authority

the first batch of AAA rated enterprises on the list are Wuxi Huaxin safety equipment Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Jianbu Shoes Co., Ltd., Tianjin Honglian rubber products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gangkai purification products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongya gloves Co., Ltd. and Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd

AA + Enterprises: Shenzhen pengliang industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Taicang Feihong plastic steel products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Haitang helmet factory, Xi’an labor protection products Co., Ltd., Zhejiang helite safety equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Gaojian labor protection products Co., Ltd

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