the first civil protective mask standard implemented in November tells you how to choose a mask

data chart. Beijing citizens walk in the haze. Beijing, October 31 (Qiu Yu) – winter is approaching, haze weather frequently occurs, how to choose a safe mask has become a concern of many people

on November 1, China’s first national standard for civil protective masks, the technical specification for daily protective masks (hereinafter referred to as the specification), will be officially implemented. The standard has made clear provisions on the protective effect and safety performance of fine particles (PM2.5)

mask market disorder: exaggerating filtration efficiency and brand imitation

before the implementation of the code, there was no relevant standard for protective masks for ordinary people

at present, China’s standards for masks include “respiratory protective equipment, self-priming filter type anti particulate respirator”, “technical requirements for medical protective masks”, “medical surgical masks”, etc., but they all belong to labor protection and medical protection standards

recently, the reporter searched for “anti haze masks” on e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong and tmall, and found that the implementation standards of different brands of masks are different. Some of them are in accordance with the above domestic standards, some are in accordance with foreign standards, and some masks are not marked

many masks are printed with “filtration efficiency” on the eye-catching position of the package. However, some media revealed this month that several masks in a supermarket in Beijing claimed to have a “removal rate of more than 90% have been tested, and the actual removal rate is only 30% to 40%

in addition, according to the disclosure of Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau in March this year, 69 batches of samples from Shanghai production enterprises, physical sales stores and online stores were tested, and it was found that the minimum filtration efficiency of 54 batches of masks was less than 90%, and 28 batches of masks contained formaldehyde, a carcinogen

in addition to the non-uniform standards and substandard quality, there are still brand imitation problems in the mask market. Cheng Xiqing, marketing director of Guangzhou haocaimao Technology Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the purchase and sales of masks for many years. He said that there are high imitation products for best-selling brands in the market at present, “even experienced sales can’t tell the truth.”

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