The first construction safety experience hall in Northeast China

in the “amusement” environment, all kinds of taboos and potential safety hazards in the construction site also subtly affect the awareness of the experiencer

on June 25, the reporter walked into the construction safety experience hall built by the third management department of Northeast company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, which is the first construction safety experience hall in Northeast China. The reporter found that all kinds of on-the-spot experience projects here make safety protection training more targeted, and the safety education of “no longer on paper” makes the construction personnel benefit a lot

referring to the effect of on-site experience, Kuang Dingjun, project manager of Northeast company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, told reporters that the safety experience hall has many safety experience projects, such as helmet impact experience, seat belt experience, hole falling experience, scaffolding experience, construction electricity experience and fire extinguisher experience, which can accommodate 200-300 workers’ experience and training every day. At present, China’s construction workers are still mainly migrant workers, and generally lack of safety awareness. The person in charge said that these experience projects can help migrant workers establish the awareness of safe operation in the process of transforming into industrial workers as soon as possible

the reporter saw at the scene that during the hard hat impact experience, an experimenter put on a hard hat and entered the experience area, then the device simulated the falling object to rise slowly and then suddenly fall, hitting the experimenter’s hard hat. The purpose of this experience is to make the experiencer realize the importance of wearing safety helmet correctly by bearing the impact of falling objects

in the mobile working frame dumping experience project, the experimenters experience the dumping feeling at the top of the shelf nearly three meters high” 1’m really afraid. We must reinforce the bottom of the shelf in the future construction. ” An experience worker said” This kind of experiential education mode, by simulating various potential safety hazards that may cause safety accidents in the construction site, breaks the traditional education mode and carries out three-dimensional education for the construction personnel, which can make the experiencer personally feel the harm brought by unsafe operation behavior, so as to improve the safety management awareness and prevention level of personnel at all levels. And this kind of experience takes a short time, but the effect is very obvious. ” The person in charge of the municipal construction committee told reporters

referring to the effect of field experience, the relevant person in charge of Northeast company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau said, “when many migrant workers’ brothers come to receive training, they wear safety helmets in the wrong way and think it’s OK to buckle them on their heads. After experiencing the harm of the wrong way on the spot, the correct wearing rate of workers in actual operation is almost 100%

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