the first construction safety experience hall in Yancheng was opened, and VR technology was introduced to simulate dangerous situation

What’s the feeling of falling into the cave? How does it feel to hit the head with an iron ball? This year, Xianfeng 1nternational Plaza Phase 111 hotel office building project, the tallest building project in Yancheng, introduced the building construction safety real scene simulation experience hall, which has been completed and put into use, and is also the first building construction safety experience hall in our city. The museum provides free safety experience education for construction workers, which can simulate the falling of heavy objects without wearing safety helmet, working at height without wearing safety belt, etc. the experience is very realistic

the construction personnel use VR technology to experience safety education

at the moment of falling, their mind is blank

the impact experience of safety helmet simulates the injury caused by falling objects. Yesterday morning, Du Shanwen, a 42 year old scaffolder, put on his safety helmet before experiencing learning. Then he stood at the designated position, one, two, three, Bang… An iron ball fell from a high place and “smashed” his hat

“you can feel the vibration of an object hitting your head. 1t’s dangerous if you don’t wear a helmet. ” At the moment when the iron ball touched the helmet, Du Shanwen could not help shrinking his neck

the entrance falling experience area is the most powerful. The experience area is a two-story building structure. From the first floor stairs to the second floor, after entering the door, there is an electrically controlled movable board in the middle of the house, and the cushion is laid under the movable board. Du Shanwen went to the movable board area in the middle of the house, the staff started the switch, and the hole opened wide, “the moment he fell, his mind was blank.” Du Shanwen said that feeling will never be forgotten, “no illegal operation, no risk operation, the word” safety “should always be kept in mind.”

Zong Rong, chief engineer of Yancheng pioneer 1nternational Plaza Phase 111 hotel office building project of East China branch of China Railway Construction Group, told Yancheng evening news that the live projects in the experience hall are particularly common accidents in construction sites. There are many similar “thrilling” experience projects, including 12 display and experience projects, including helmet display and strike experience, comprehensive electricity use experience, hole falling experience, etc., so that the experience personnel can experience the occurrence and consequences of dangerous behaviors at the work site through vision, hearing and touch, and enhance their awareness of self-protection

18 VR scenes can be experienced

the building construction safety real scene simulation experience hall introduced by pioneer 1nternational Plaza Phase 111 hotel office building project was completed at the end of April. 1t is the largest construction site safety experience area with the most complete facilities among the projects under construction in our city, covering an area of nearly 400 square meters, in addition to 12 real scene display and experience projects, There is also a system that uses VR (virtual reality) technology to simulate the dangerous situation of construction scene

in the VR safety experience hall, Yancheng evening news reporters also put on VR helmets to “stimulate” them. 1n the lens, a bundle of steel bars hanging in the air suddenly fell from the sky and smashed in front of the reporter. The realistic effect made the reporter scream out in surprise, and his hands were raised involuntarily to try to hide

“with personal experience, you will cherish life more.” According to Wang Zheng, the safety officer of the project, the virtual scene experience uses VR technology to simulate the construction scene in the form of three-dimensional dynamics. With VR helmets and glasses, the experience personnel can experience the dangers of tripping by the fishing machine on the construction site, smoking in the pile of materials causing fire, and accidentally falling during aerial work

“when experiencing the collapse project supported by the template, some people can’t help holding their heads to escape, and the experience effect is very realistic.” Wang Zheng said that at present, 18 construction accident scenes have been developed, including “lifting falling object accident”, “collapse injury”, “electric shock injury” and “construction elevator accident”

no matter how much you say, it’s better to have a personal experience.

Du Shanwen has been engaged in the construction industry for more than 20 years. He deeply realized the importance of safe construction. “1 summed up the” three don’t hurt “: don’t hurt others, don’t hurt yourself, and don’t be hurt by others.” He told Yancheng evening news that he had received a lot of safety education and training before, but this experience was more interesting and easier to accept

“it’s better for workers to experience more safety than to say it orally.” Zong Rong said that in order to make employees have an intuitive sense of safety, his company invested 350000 yuan to build a “safety education and training experience hall” this year, and stipulated that in the future, every new employee must pass the “examination” in the safety experience area, and only those who pass the examination can take up their posts

“the establishment of experiential safety facilities has changed the traditional safety training mode of” reading rules and regulations, watching accident videos and signing “and the boring classroom teaching. With experiential education, every employee can experience it personally and make the construction safety knowledge go deep into everyone’s heart.” Zong Rong said

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