The first fire knowledge network competition held in Wuxi

Recently, the first fire knowledge network competition sponsored by Wuxi fire safety committee came to a successful conclusion. A total of 21763 netizens from 11 cities and 9 districts (cities) in Wuxi participated in the answer, which stimulated the enthusiasm of netizens to pay attention to, understand and participate in fire control

according to Liu Ping, the leader of Wuxi fire brigade, in December last year, Wuxi public security fire department held the first fire knowledge network competition with the theme of “establishing the concept of safe fire protection and popularizing fire safety knowledge”, which lasted for six months. The contest adopts the form of online contest. After logging into the contest website set in Sina Wuxi fire protection column, netizens can participate in the timed contest after registering their real name. The competition topics are fire protection law, 20 common sense of fire safety, fire protection regulations of Jiangsu Province, fire protection regulations of Wuxi City and other common sense of fire, electricity and oil safety

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