The first Fujian coal mine rescue technology competition

On June 25, the first Fujian coal mine rescue technology competition, CO sponsored by Fujian coal Supervision Bureau, Fujian Federation of trade unions and the Communist Youth League Committee, undertaken by Fujian energy group and co organized by Fujian coal and power company, opened in Yongding (Funeng group ampere Center). Tian Deyu, deputy director of national mine rescue command center, Dai Wenpeng, deputy director of Fujian coal Supervision Bureau, and Lai Yonglong, deputy division commander of Longyan City, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhou Bixin, deputy general manager of Fujian energy group, presided over the opening ceremony

the theme of this competition is “Chinese dream, labor beauty”. Eleven mine rescue teams and 77 team members from all over the province participated in the competition. The competition included professional theory examination, militarized queue training, comprehensive physical fitness, simulated disaster relief, medical first aid, respirator operation, etc. The winning teams and individuals will be recommended to be awarded such honorary titles as “Fujian May 1st labor certificate”, “Fujian worker pioneer” and “Fujian outstanding youth position expert”. The competition lasts for 3 days from June 25 to 227

in recent years, the party committees, governments and energy groups of all coal producing areas in Fujian Province have attached great importance to coal mine safety production and emergency rescue, actively promoted the development of emergency rescue, and guaranteed personnel editing, funds, equipment and treatment. There are 11 coal mine emergency rescue teams and 218 professional mine rescue commanders and fighters in Fujian Province, Since the establishment of the team, 1095 teams have been dispatched to rescue 920 people in distress, 283 of whom have been rescued by Su Sheng, and have been widely praised by all walks of life

Dai Wenpeng said in his speech that the coal mine emergency rescue technology competition was held under the new situation of the Fujian province’s mine emergency rescue system construction and the continuous strengthening of mine rescue work. 1t is a concrete measure to implement general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the National Federation of trade unions and a series of speech on work safety. The event will be held every two years in the future. At the same time, he expressed the hope that everyone can exchange skills, strengthen exchanges, help each other, embody a good team spirit, show friendship and style, and make the competition a simple and grand meeting with unity and cooperation, harmony and win-win results

the heads of Fujian Safety Supervision Bureau, Fujian coal Supervision Bureau, Fujian Federation of trade unions, Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Longyan municipal government and other units, the heads of Fujian work safety emergency rescue center and the coal management departments of all coal producing cities and counties, 11 mine rescue teams, and the heads of all coal producing enterprises under Fujian energy group attended the opening ceremony and watched the competition

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