the first high building in Yancheng opens construction safety experience Hall

1n people’s impression, safety education is to have a safety class and hang safety slogans on the construction site. On Ma4, at the scene of the third phase of Xianfeng 1nternational Plaza, the tallest building project in Yancheng City, litchi news reporter saw the newly opened building construction safety real scene simulation experience hall

falling objects, falling in the air, electric shock… Through realistic experience, construction personnel can understand the consequences of dangerous behaviors and enhance safety awareness” The “helmet impact experience” simulates the injury caused by falling objects. Xiao Li, a young man from Sichuan, is a newly recruited employee. He must experience one by one and receive safety education. Before the experience, Xiao Li specially put on the helmet tightly, and then stood at the designated position” 1. Two, three, bang, an iron ball fell from a high place and “hit” his hat. Xiao Li said, “obviously feel the vibration of the impact of objects. 1f you don’t wear a helmet, it’s dangerous.” Xiao Li said that after entering the construction site, we must wear safety helmets and always have safety awareness. 1n the physical experience, the falling experience area at the entrance of the cave is the most powerful. The experience area is a two-story building structure. From the first floor stairs to the second floor, after entering the door, there is an electrically controlled movable board in the middle of the house, and the cushion is laid under the movable board. The workers who received safety education went to the movable board area in the middle of the house. The workers started the switch and the hole opened wide. “When they fell, their mind was blank and they were very nervous. This feeling will never be forgotten. 1n the future, we must never work against rules or at risk. ” Workers participating in the experience said. 1n the safety experience hall, in addition to 12 display and experience projects, such as helmet display and strike experience, comprehensive power consumption experience, and hole falling experience, 18 construction accident sites, such as “lifting and falling object accident”, “collapse injury”, “electric shock injury” and “construction elevator accident”, are simulated by VR (virtual reality) technology, Let workers experience in a virtual and realistic environment

Deng Lingqing, manager of Yancheng Project Department of East China branch of China Railway Construction Group, said, “from top management to front-line workers, the company has to go through the experience of physical and virtual projects to carry out safety education.” The establishment of experience safety facilities has changed the previous practice of reading rules and regulations, watching accident videos and pasting safety slogans in safety education, allowing each worker to have a simulated experience, so that the common sense of construction safety goes deep into everyone’s heart

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