The first pair of lightning protection shoes made in China

According to statistics, 120 million mines are distributed in 64 countries around the world, and people are killed or disabled by mines every two minutes. 1n the past, the protective equipment of the Minesweeper was very simple, once it touched the mine, it would cause casualties. China’s newly developed mine sweeping protective shoes can greatly reduce the disability rate, and are designated as peacekeeping equipment by the United Nations, causing a sensation in the field of mine protection in the world

minefields are battlefields, and minesweeping is combat. At that time, the protective equipment of the Minesweeper was quite simple. A piece of steel plate was added to the clothes, and the Minesweeper shoes were long and wide airbags, which would cause casualties once they were struck by mines. 1n this context, mine sweeping safety shoes are put on the research and development agenda

a small pair of mine sweeping safety shoes, involving biomedicine, mechanics, materials science, structure science and other disciplines. After repeated experiments and improvements, the Third Military Medical University determined the protection ideas of blocking, separating, offsetting detonation shock wave and attenuating and buffering detonation wave, and finally developed a new type of lightning protection shoes six months later

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