the first safety experience area in Zigong was introduced to the construction site, and the first experience was the falling of the entrance

What’s it like to be hit by an accident while wearing a helmet? What’s it like to suddenly fall from a 3-meter-high platform< On June 29, Zigong project quality and safety improvement action and construction environment treatment site observation meeting was held in the third phase of Huashang - Gongli project. Zigong's first safety experience area was officially unveiled. All construction personnel of the project will experience the simulated danger in the safety experience area before taking up their posts, and feel the "death threat" from around them, so as to improve their safety awareness at the 3-meter-high “simulation hole”, the worker standing on it immediately fell down when the safety officer pressed the button. After experiencing the cave fall simulation, the workers were really scared out of a cold sweat, “when standing (standing) on the top, they were very nervous. Then when the whole person fell, they felt that their whole body was out of control. When they landed, they still felt that there were bursts of fright all over them.” in the helmet impact experience area, an iron bar on the top of the operator’s head will fall down as soon as he presses the button and hit on the helmet, and all the impacted helmets will be crooked. After the experience of the workers at the scene, they said that if there were no safety helmets, the consequences would be unimaginable according to fan Huakun, deputy general manager of Huaxing Jian’an, the Construction Party of the project, the simulated hazards experienced on that day are real in daily work, and the previous written and oral safety education is not deep enough. After personal experience, the workers can consciously put an end to violation of regulations (operation) in on-site operation

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