The first training course on labor protection articles of labor protection network opened

in order to better serve the enterprises in the industry, the first training course on labor protection articles was held yesterday. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Wang xiuhai, general manager of labor protection net, stressed the importance of labor protection articles industry in protecting the safety of workers, and put forward the hope to all the students that no matter what position they are in, they must seriously study product knowledge, Better service industry enterprises, will publicize the importance of labor protection as the primary task, to provide workers with more professional information and services

a training course was set up in the labor insurance network this time. The first group of 16 trainees will be given strict assessment after the training course. During the training, the trainees took notes carefully. Wang summarized the products and explained them. The teaching was more intuitive and the trainees listened with interest

it is reported that the training lasted for one month, covering all categories of labor protection articles. 1 wish the first training class of labor protection articles a complete success

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