The first Union standard “yarn knitted labor protection gloves” in Shandong Province

On December 24, 2009, the first Union standard of Shandong Province – “yarn knitted labor protection gloves” passed the examination and acceptance of experts, and was officially issued. The standard was jointly drafted by Linyi Bureau of quality supervision, Pingyi Bureau of quality supervision and Pingyi glove Association

after nearly 30 years of development, Pingyi County has formed a large-scale industrial cluster, with more than 500 glove processing enterprises, with an annual output of 1.8 billion pairs of all kinds of yarn knitted labor protection gloves and a sales revenue of 1.2 billion yuan. 1t is a famous yarn knitted labor protection glove processing and distribution center in Jiangbei. With the accelerating pace of industrial development in recent years, the level of equipment has been significantly improved, and the product grade and market share at home and abroad have also been greatly improved. The formulation of a unified alliance standard will be conducive to the further improvement of product quality, the standardized production of enterprises, the optimization of the industrial chain, the enhancement of industrial competitiveness, and the promotion of the glove industry to a standardized and competitive environment The healthy development of standardization and branding. Therefore, Pingyi County Bureau of quality supervision takes the formulation of local glove standards as an important work to serve the local economic development. Through the formulation of glove standards, we can further standardize the glove production process, improve product quality, enhance product competitiveness, and guide the whole industry to standardization and cluster development

the yarn knitted labor protection gloves jointly formulated by Linyi Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, Pingyi County Bureau of quality supervision and Pingyi County labor protection gloves 1ndustry Association is the first Union standard in Shandong Province, which fills in the blank of domestic yarn knitted labor protection gloves standard

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