The first vibration feedback shoe invented by 1ndian students

Two engineering students in Bangalore, 1ndia, have developed a smart navigation shoe called lechal. As long as you wear it, even if you come to a completely strange city, you can also be guided to your destination

lechal’s inventors are two engineering graduates, one from the University of Michigan and the other from Massachusetts 1nstitute of technology, who now live in Bangalore, 1ndia. The navigation shoe developed by them is said to be the first “vibration feedback shoe” in the world. 1t can be connected to the smart phone through Bluetooth. According to the user’s current position and final destination, it can remind the user to turn left or right by vibration to achieve the purpose of navigation

for people who like to travel, it’s really troublesome to hold a map. Even if you search for a place according to the map on your mobile phone, it’s clumsy and boring. This kind of “cool shoes” that can vibrate and navigate can be said to be aimed at people’s appetite. Originally designed for people with visual impairment, this navigation shoe has been favored by investors and is now open to the general public for booking

in Hindi, lechal means “take me there.”

like navigation shoes, polyurethane insoles have navigation function and are suitable for any kind of shoes. They have built-in electronic modules, including vibration components, chips and batteries. The battery can be taken out for charging and used with USB charger. This USB charger can be controlled by voice switch or manual operation. After full charge, the navigation insole can be used for 3 days

in addition, people can use lechal shoes and insoles as health tracking devices to record their steps and calories, and establish their own fitness plan. At present, lechal shoes and insoles can be reserved on the official website

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