The foundation of “China glove city” in Henan Province

the total planned investment of “China glove city” project is 4.5 billion yuan, which is implemented by “Shangqiu (China) glove City Group Co., Ltd.” jointly established by China glove Association, China 1ndustrial Cluster Research 1nstitute and Ningbo Futian group. After the completion of the project, it not only has the ability to produce more than 3000 kinds of glove products in six categories, including operation gloves, dress and etiquette gloves, household gloves, sports gloves, medical and inspection gloves, special gloves, and various head, hand and foot safety protection products, but also has the functions of new glove variety technology research and development, glove product trade exhibition, glove product logistics distribution, etc. After the project is put into operation, the industrial output value will be increased by more than 10 billion yuan, the trade economy will be increased by more than 30 billion yuan, the consumption will be promoted by tens of billion yuan, and 100000 new jobs will be created

Ma Gang, member of the Standing Committee of Shangqiu municipal Party committee and vice mayor, said that the implementation of China glove city project is of great significance for seizing the opportunity of industrial transfer, expanding the scale of attracting investment, lengthening the textile industry chain of Shangqiu City, promoting social employment and stimulating economic growth. All departments should provide good service for the project construction, protect the environment, and promote the early completion and production of the project; We should take the construction of service projects as our own responsibility, improve service efficiency, implement preferential policies, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of Pro business, safe business, prosperous business and rich business

Chen Shanzhong, chairman of Ningbo Futian group, said: “after more than 60 visits, negotiations and site selection in 17 cities, Futian group decided to settle in Shangqiu, which has the most development potential. We will build China’s glove city and share our achievements. ” After the foundation laying ceremony, the “2011 first China glove City Summit Forum” came on the stage. Domestic well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs made in-depth discussions on the transformation, upgrading and industrial development of traditional industries of gloves and head, hand and foot safety protection products

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