The function of carbon monoxide gas detector and matters needing attention in use

Carbon monoxide gas detector is a kind of gas alarm which is necessary for the production industry with carbon monoxide gas to ensure the safety in production. The instrument is widely used in industrial places with carbon monoxide leakage, and is a necessary gas detector for the safety in production of enterprises

properties and hazards of carbon monoxide:

carbon monoxide gas is very common in life, it is colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, so it is easy to ignore and lead to poisoning. Under the standard condition, the carbon monoxide (CO) of pure product is colorless, odorless and non irritating gas, with density of 1.250 g / L and boiling point of – 190 ℃. 1ts solubility in water is very low, and it is very difficult to dissolve in water. The explosion limit of air mixture is 12.5% ~ 74%. After entering the human body, carbon monoxide will combine with hemoglobin in the blood to produce carboxyhemoglobin, which can not combine with oxygen, causing hypoxia in the body tissue, leading to asphyxia and death. Therefore, carbon monoxide is toxic

since the harm of carbon monoxide to human body is great, it is necessary to equip carbon monoxide gas detector in workers and enterprises exposed to this gas. Dehsm introduces the basic knowledge of carbon monoxide gas detector:

carbon monoxide gas detector is an effective detection tool for pipeline leak detection, leak location and gas concentration monitoring, and can detect the concentration of carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide gas detector adopts imported high sensitive anti poisoning gas sensor, which can automatically adapt to changes in the environment, automatically correct the aging curve of the sensor, maintain constant alarm sensitivity, automatically store the concentration alarm status, and adopt the main and standby dual power supply working mode to ensure the continuity of work. The whole machine works stably and reliably with low power consumption

the function of the carbon monoxide detector is to give a warning when the toxic gas exceeds the standard, inform people nearby that they are in danger, and deal with it as soon as possible, so as to avoid harm to their health

precautions for the use of gas detector:

1. When using toxic gas detector, such as carbon monoxide detector. The sensor is an important part of the instrument, and it is also the most vulnerable part, so the maintenance and cleaning of the sensor is the key. Usually, the instrument should be checked for cleanliness. The instrument should be checked and maintained frequently. 1f any problem is found, it must be repaired and replaced

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