The future of procurement in petrochemical enterprises: scenario based subversion of traditional procurement mode

As the most influential industrial chain in China’s national economy, oil chemical industry plays an important role in social development. With the increasingly fierce market competition, oil products are mainly price competition, and the price competition is cost competition in the final analysis. Therefore, the important role of material procurement management in the logistics management of “supply, production and marketing” is gradually highlighted. How to minimize the procurement cost will directly affect the economic benefits of petrochemical enterprises

trouble: the cost of material procurement remains high

the operation and management of petrochemical enterprises are facing a big problem, that is, how to reasonably reduce the cost of material procurement. According to statistics, in the petrochemical industry, the purchase amount of raw materials, spare parts, machine equipment, labor protection supplies, etc. accounts for 50% of the total sales on average. 1n other words, any cost saved by purchasing is a direct contribution to profits. But at present, many enterprises still have problems in reducing the cost of material procurement, causing trouble to petrochemical enterprises< (1) poor information affects the procurement work. The lack of a perfect information platform for the purchase of materials hinders the exchange of supply and demand information and affects the realization of rational allocation of resources. The connection between the various links of material procurement is also lack of foundation, which leads to the loose connection of material procurement, transportation and storage. The result of poor connection is the loss of time and funds< (2) petrochemical enterprises lack of horizontal cooperation petroleum industry has a complete industrial chain, but resource sharing is not realized among various systems. Material procurement involves purchase, transportation, storage and other links, but the resource supply of these links is not concentrated enough. The lack of horizontal cooperation in oil enterprises, regardless of the size of their own, build their own procurement system in the enterprise, do not borrow from each other, resulting in a lot of repeated construction< (3) the procurement management system is not perfect, and there is a lack of supervision and restriction mechanism. the procurement of petroleum materials needs the necessary supervision mechanism to be constrained, but the composition of the mechanism is not comprehensive enough. 1n the absence of supervision, the procurement work is prone to power money transactions, power for personal gain and other behaviors. Purchasing personnel have great autonomy and randomness in their work, and lack of necessary supervision on the quality and price of materials< (4) lack of supplier management in the market economy, many suppliers without strength and qualification mainly adopt temporary or short-term cooperation mechanism. When dealing with procurement, they often break the supply order and disturb the procurement behavior by improper means such as lack of weight and high quality and price; Moreover, when the unexpected situation of materials occurs, it can not be solved in time, so the purchaser must seek high-quality and reputable suppliers as partners< How to reduce the purchase cost in order to maximize the benefit and make the enterprise obtain better development space, we must take measures to control the material procurement cost. Purchasing department is not only a department of purchasing materials, but also one of the profit centers of an enterprise. How to make purchasing provide a key contribution to enterprise development? How to reduce the purchase cost and make it play a greater performance in the supply chain? This all depends on the efficient purchasing activities of enterprises< (1) centralized purchasing by centralizing the needs of various departments and enhancing the negotiation power with suppliers, purchasing units can use larger purchasing volume as a weight to get better quantity discount price and good service. At the same time, focus on one-time procurement, in order to reduce the number of procurement, improve work efficiency and economic benefits. After standardization, we can get the preferential price of the supplier’s standard products, and the inventory can be relatively reduced< (2) utilization value analysis is also one of the important ways to reduce costs. Simplify product design to reduce production cost; Use alternative materials and corresponding production procedures. 1n addition, suppliers with better payment terms should be adopted; Purchase second hand machinery and equipment; Using different bargaining skills; Choosing a transportation company with price advantage or considering changing the mode of transportation can also achieve the purpose of reducing costs< (3) win win with suppliers reduce costs through partnership with suppliers and in-depth cooperation with suppliers. 1n order to reduce the inventory funds, we can sign long-term supply contracts with some suppliers. The materials will come as needed, and the enterprise only has a small amount of inventory for production turnover. A capable and trustworthy supplier can not only guarantee the quality of supply, timely delivery and overall high-level service, but also get preferential payment and price for long-term order contract< 1n recent years, the new procurement mode is gradually affecting the enterprise material procurement mode. This kind of purchasing agent enterprise is completely independent of the customer unit, but different from the general purchasing intermediary, it stands on the customer's position, monopolizes a certain type or several related types of materials, and has its own warehouse and specialized material distribution team. This kind of professional purchasing method and efficient material distribution team will replace the original work carried out by the purchasing department of the customer unit, After receiving the customer's purchase order, we can timely and accurately deliver the materials to the place designated by the customer, and at the same time, we can help the customer to achieve the purpose of reducing the purchase cost< 1n general, choosing the right supplier is the key to reduce the procurement cost. 1ndustrial e-commerce is a new business mode developed in recent years. The online transaction mode with huge transaction volume has made material procurement the third profit source of enterprises. Through the practice in recent years, industrial e-commerce has increasingly highlighted its importance in the field of material procurement, which is an innovation of traditional procurement. The main task of traditional material procurement in petrochemical industry is to ensure the material supply. As long as the material can be supplied, it is the work achievement. 1n e-commerce procurement, material procurement can not only obtain the information of the required products at the fastest speed, but also complete the material procurement process in an open, fair and transparent state on the industrial e-commerce platform, every procurement step can be carried out quickly, efficiently and openly, which provides a practical operation way to eliminate the dark box operation of material procurement and realize the quantitative management of material procurement. According to the procurement budget and different scenarios of petrochemical enterprises, the platform will screen and recommend appropriate products and combinations among massive homogeneous products and brand products, and provide customized procurement recommendation scheme for purchasers. Taking the MRO mall of industrial products of South China city network as an example, the platform has material procurement specifically for petrochemical use scenarios. The material information is highly professional and classified. The business personnel can obtain the necessary information without multiple websites to query and compare prices, which provides the conditions for the business personnel to obtain the largest amount of information in the least time. Hundreds of thousands of high-quality supplier resources are gathered on the platform, which can improve the accuracy, breadth and speed of petrochemical enterprises’ procurement sourcing based on system algorithm, manual matching and whole network promotion, reduce material procurement cost, and provide one-stop preparation of common industrial products of enterprises, as well as high-quality services such as model selection and quotation, delivery guarantee and payment security, so as to save procurement cost, At present, South China city network has cooperated with Shandong Kerui petroleum equipment, Guanghui petroleum and other customers in order to maximize the economic benefits of the procurement process, petrochemical enterprises must update the concept of procurement, constantly reduce the procurement cost, and obtain the maximum benefits with the minimum cost. According to the procurement budget and different scenarios, the procurement solution is the best choice for petrochemical enterprises to reduce cost and increase efficiency

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