The general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the notice on doing a good job during the new year’s day and Spring Festival in 2019

Beijing, December 23 (Xinhua) recently, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the notice on doing a good job during the Spring Festival on New Year’s day in 2019. The full text is as follows:

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, so it is very important to do a good job during the new year’s day and Spring Festival. All localities and departments should take Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology with China’s characteristics as the guide, thoroughly implement the spirit of the nineteen and third Plenary Session of the nineteen and third Plenary Session of the party, firmly establish “Four Consciousnesses”, firmly “four self confidently”, resolutely “two maintenance”, and make overall plans to do all the work during the festival, so as to ensure the happiness and peace of the people of all nationalities throughout the country. A festival of peace. With the consent of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows

first, do a good job of caring for the production and life of the poor people. Party committees and governments at all levels should take solving the production and living problems of the poor people in urban and rural areas as the short board that must be made up for in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, earnestly implement the policies of poverty alleviation and benefiting the people, and do a solid job in ensuring the people’s livelihood in winter and spring. Leading cadres at all levels should go deep into poverty-stricken areas, disaster stricken areas and grass-roots front lines, do practical work for the masses, and help enterprises in difficulties, especially private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, solve difficulties and problems in production and operation. We will implement the central adjustment system of the basic old-age insurance fund for enterprise employees and the policies of old-age insurance for urban and rural residents, social insurance for poverty alleviation, and minimum living security, and ensure that old-age pension, unemployment insurance, low income insurance, old-age insurance benefits for urban and rural residents, and social security benefits for land expropriated farmers are paid in full and on time. We will fully implement the assistance and support system for the extremely poor, and provide good living security and care services. We should strengthen the work of temporary relief and solve the sudden, urgent and temporary basic living difficulties encountered by urban and rural people. We will increase assistance and safety protection for the elderly, the disabled, rural left behind children and children in need, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of vagrants and beggars. We will increase support for job stabilization, and provide employment assistance and services for families with zero employment, people with employment difficulties, employees with de capacity resettlement, and employees in enterprises with difficulties. We will improve the “integrated” operation mechanism of prevention, rescue and disaster relief, and timely distribute relief funds and materials to ensure the safety and warmth of the affected people during the winter. With sincere feelings for migrant workers, we should do a solid job in the treatment of arrears, strengthen the punishment of wage arrears, and ensure that migrant workers get their wages in full and on time< Second, ensure the supply and stable operation of the festival market. Strengthen the situation monitoring and coordination of supply and demand of coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation to ensure the people's livelihood needs of gas, coal and electricity. We should broaden the supply channels, strengthen the connection between production and marketing, ensure the market supply of major daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, vegetables, poultry, eggs and milk, especially strengthen the inspection and Quarantine of live pigs and their products, and do a good job in ensuring the supply and stabilizing the price. Strengthen the supervision of the whole process and chain of food and drugs, crack down on all kinds of illegal production and operation, and ensure that the masses can eat and use safe food and drugs. We should strengthen the supervision of festival market operation, hot-selling products and prices, investigate and deal with illegal activities such as fabricating and spreading price increase information, price fraud, and bid up prices in accordance with the law, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers< Third, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses. We will carry out "our Chinese dream" - the activity of bringing culture into thousands of families, organize various cultural and artistic teams to carry out activities of benefiting the people through culture in rural areas and grass-roots units, especially in the old, young, border and poor areas, increase the free opening of public cultural institutions, and provide more high-quality cultural products and cultural services for urban and rural residents. Adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, stress taste, style and responsibility, resist vulgarity, vulgarity and kitsch, produce and broadcast a number of high-quality plays rooted in the practice of the new era and highlighting the spirit of the new era, carry forward the socialist core values, and convey the positive energy. We should extensively carry out mass cultural activities and local cultural activities that reflect local characteristics and festival customs, actively promote excellent folk culture and arts and intangible cultural heritage projects, and further carry forward excellent traditional culture. We should establish and improve a comprehensive regulatory mechanism, strengthen law enforcement, and ensure a healthy and orderly cultural and tourism market< 4. Ensure the safety of the masses, facilitate the satisfactory travel. We will improve the coordination mechanism for Spring Festival transportation, strengthen the allocation and supply of transport capacity, and do a good job in connecting railways, highways, waterways, civil aviation, and urban public transportation to meet the travel needs of the masses. 1nnovative ticketing service measures, give priority to the protection of key groups such as migrant workers and students to buy tickets, and accurately crack down on illegal acts such as online and offline ticket scalping. Expand the application scope of directly swiping the second generation 1D card to get in and out of the station, check in and take the bus, comprehensively improve the service quality of the station bus, and create a warm and comfortable environment for passengers. Formulate and improve the emergency plan to deal with adverse weather, equipment failure, passenger flow surge, delay and other emergencies, and improve the emergency response capacity. We will strengthen transportation safety supervision, focus on key vehicles such as "two passengers and one danger" vehicles and seriously overloaded trucks, strengthen road law enforcement and traffic guidance, and strictly prevent serious traffic accidents and large-scale and long-distance road traffic congestion. According to the law, we will severely punish such behaviors as "machine trouble", "car trouble" and "seat bullying" to maintain good travel order< 5. Pay close attention to the implementation of safety production responsibility. Strictly implement the territorial management responsibility and department supervision responsibility, strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises, and focus on the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in coal mines and non coal mines, dangerous chemicals, fireworks, construction, water, electricity, gas and heat, transportation, special equipment and other industries, so as to prevent and curb all kinds of production safety accidents. We should do a good job in the prevention and control of public facilities such as school hospitals, shopping malls and cinemas, large-scale public building complexes and other crowded places, so as to prevent major public safety accidents. We will carry out in-depth investigation and rectification of fire hazards, and strictly prevent high-risk places such as high-rise buildings, underground space, "villages in the city", group rental housing, "three in one" places from losing control and leaking pipes. Strengthen the safety supervision of large-scale activities to prevent crowded stampede and other casualties. We should strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases and effectively deal with public health emergencies. We will strengthen the monitoring, early warning and emergency response of disastrous weather such as rain, snow, freezing, cold wave, haze, and natural disasters such as forest and grassland fires< 6. Maintain social harmony and stability. Adhere to the development of the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era, improve and implement the mechanism of prevention, investigation and early warning, and multiple resolution of social contradictions. Focus on the key areas of land acquisition and demolition, labor disputes, environmental pollution, salary and debt collection, real estate, medical disputes, and job transfer resettlement, carry out in-depth investigation and resolution of social contradictions and disputes, and strictly prevent individual extreme violent crimes. We should strengthen the overall prevention and control of the society, deeply promote the special struggle against gangs and evil, severely crack down on the evil forces in rural areas, strengthen the source control of key public security elements such as dangerous and explosive goods, delivery and logistics, and punish illegal and criminal activities such as pornography, gambling, drug trafficking, 1nternet fraud, illegal fund-raising, and infringement of citizens' personal information in accordance with the law, so as to ensure a stable and orderly social order during the festival. We will continue to deepen the special action to crack down on violent and terrorist activities, and always maintain a high-pressure deterrence posture< 7. Be practical, thrifty and civilized. Carry forward the traditional virtues of filial piety and respect for the elderly of the Chinese nation, inherit the Chinese New Year culture of family reunion and happiness, advocate rational, civilized and healthy consumption and human relations, and guide people to advocate thrift, avoid extravagance and abandon bad habits. Do a good job in City fireworks control work, carry out village cleaning action, green spring festival. Normal activities of the party, the league and the trade union should be well organized to ensure the normal welfare of cadres and workers according to the regulations. We will implement various measures to encourage cadres to take on new responsibilities and do new things in the new era. We will pay more attention to grassroots cadres, especially those who work in difficult and arduous areas and who are fighting in the front line of poverty alleviation. We will pay more attention to the families of outstanding grassroots cadres who died on duty or died in misfortune. We should strengthen inner-party encouragement, care and assistance, pay in-depth visits to Party members, veteran party members, veteran cadres, retired military cadres, Red Army veterans, demobilized military personnel, and families of martyrs, and do a good job in the distribution of living subsidies to rural veteran party members who joined the party before the founding of new China and urban veteran party members who did not enjoy retirement benefits< (8) we should make unremitting efforts to rectify the wind and eliminate discipline. Party members and leading cadres should strengthen their responsibility. They should not only take the lead in strictly implementing the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the detailed rules for their implementation, but also do a good job in leading the leading group and leading the team, so as to drive the majority of Party members and cadres to have a clean and honest holiday. Pay close attention to the frequent and hidden variation problems such as eating and drinking with public funds, receiving and sending gifts, holding weddings and funerals, and distributing subsidies and bonuses indiscriminately during the festival, and effectively increase the supervision and inspection and the exposure of name naming and surname notification. During the festival, "four winds" problem clues, all strict investigation, fast do, never tolerate; 1n case of dereliction of duty or oversight, the relevant leaders shall be seriously investigated for their responsibilities. We should pay close attention to the implementation of policies to help the poor and benefit the people, help and rescue, maintain social stability, and take responsibility for work safety during the festival, and focus on rectifying all kinds of formalism and bureaucratism. We should standardize the matters entrusted to the grassroots units and all kinds of supervision, inspection, assessment, evaluation, etc., and greatly reduce the number of meetings, accounts, statements, materials, etc. if we can make use of the existing data and materials, we should not provide them repeatedly at the grassroots level. 1f similar matters can be merged, we should merge them, so as to free the cadres from some meaningless affairs and let the grassroots units spend more time on the implementation of the work. 1t is strictly prohibited to use the opportunity of institutional reform to rush in, promote, adjust and exchange cadres. 1t is strictly prohibited to use the opportunity of festivals to say hello, run for official positions, canvass for votes and bribe elections, so as to ensure a clean atmosphere during festivals< 9. Do a good job of on duty emergency work. To ensure the normal operation of all work during the festival, we should strengthen the allocation of on duty forces, strengthen the post responsibility system, and strictly implement the 24-hour special person on duty and the reporting system of leading cadres on duty and going out. 1mprove the emergency coordination and linkage mechanism, ask for instructions and report immediately in case of important emergency, and take effective measures in time to properly deal with it. The emergency rescue team should keep the emergency state at all times to ensure the first time response and disposal. Units that directly serve the masses should reasonably arrange duty during festivals to ensure service quality all regions and departments should attach great importance to it, strengthen organizational leadership, seriously study and deploy relevant work on New Year’s day and Spring Festival, and ensure the implementation of the spirit of this circular