the haze mask has the national standard, and the quality of inhaled air should be above “good”

Finally, the national standard for haze prevention masks has been established. Only when the air quality in the body reaches a good level or above after wearing the masks can they be qualified; The 1nterim Measures for the management of online car Hailing shall be implemented, and drivers shall have more than 3 years of driving experience; More and more special fares are expected to be available for routes below 800 km… How will the implementation of a number of new regulations in November affect our lives

implementation of the first national standard for civil protective masks

the “technical specification for daily protective masks” issued by AQS1Q and the National Standardization Management Committee will be officially implemented on November 1, which is the first national standard for civil protective masks in China

in the past, the anti haze performance of masks on the market was mostly expressed by the filtration efficiency, but the filtration efficiency did not represent the protective effect of masks. According to the national standard, wearing a mask can reduce the concentration of PM2.5 inhaled to below 75 micrograms per cubic meter, so that the air quality inhaled after filtration can reach a good level or above. According to the standard, the protection level of masks is divided into four levels from low to high: D, C, B and a, corresponding to the air quality category setting and air pollution in the national air quality standard

implementation of the 1nterim Measures for the management of online taxi booking

the 1nterim Measures for the management of online taxi booking jointly promulgated by the Ministry of transport and other seven departments will come into effect on November 1. The measures make specific provisions on online car Hailing platform companies, online car Hailing vehicles and drivers

according to the interim measures, drivers engaged in online car Hailing service should meet the following conditions: obtain the corresponding driving license and have more than 3 years of driving experience; There were no criminal records of traffic accident, dangerous driving, drug abuse and driving after drinking. There were no records of 12 points in the last three scoring cycles; No violent criminal record

the measures also stipulate that if the online car Hailing platform company and the online car Hailing driver illegally use or disclose the personal information of the car Hailing person and passenger, the public security department and the online information department shall impose a fine of not less than 2000 yuan but not more than 10000 yuan according to their respective duties; 1f losses are caused to the information subject, it shall bear civil liability according to law; Those suspected of committing crimes shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law

ticket price liberalization for routes under 800km

the notice on deepening the reform of domestic air passenger transport ticket price issued by CAAC and NDRC will be implemented on November 1. The notice calls for further expansion of the range of routes with market adjusted prices, and competition between routes less than 800 km and those more than 800 km and high-speed rail multiple units. Passenger transport fares shall be set by airlines independently in accordance with the law

according to the notice, airlines will make and adjust the specific fare types, levels and applicable conditions of market regulated routes, which will be announced to the public at least seven days in advance. On the basis of full ticket price, the cumulative fare increase rate of airlines’ routes shall not exceed 10%, and each season shall not exceed 10 routes

strengthen medical quality management and clarify medical legal responsibility

the “medical quality management measures” promulgated by the health and Family Planning Commission will come into effect on November 1. 1t is required to establish a medical safety and risk management system for medical institutions. Encourage medical institutions and medical staff to actively report medical quality (safety) adverse events, and promote information sharing and continuous improvement

the measures require the establishment of relevant national medical quality management system, and the definition of the responsibility subject, organizational form, working mechanism and key links of medical quality management. Methods it is clear that medical institutions are the main body responsible for medical quality, and the main person in charge of medical institutions is the first person responsible for medical quality management

methods to further clarify the responsibility of medical quality supervision of health and family planning administrative departments at all levels, and put forward the mechanism and method of medical quality informatization supervision. At the same time, under the premise of encouraging local governments to establish incentive mechanism for medical quality management, the legal responsibilities of medical institutions and their medical staff are clarified. According to Xinhua News Agency

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