the heavy metal content in Nanjing urban park is high, experts remind to wear masks when necessary

The school of environment, Nanjing University, recently released the results of a study on the pollution of heavy metals in the dustfall of 10 parks in Nanjing, which showed that the average content of heavy metals in the dustfall of Nanjing parks was higher than that of Beijing, Wuhan and other places, according to the voice of China’s CCTV news

the research team of School of environment, Nanjing University collected atmospheric dust samples from ten parks in the main urban area of Nanjing, including Yanziji Park, Daqiao Park and Green Expo Park, mainly the dust falling on tables, chairs, lampshades and other places, and then counted the contents of heavy metals such as copper, arsenic and lead on the dust, Calculate their environmental health risks. Li Huiming, a researcher at the school of environment, Nanjing University, said that there are many industries that produce heavy metal emissions. 1n addition to the traditional mining, metal smelting and chemical industries, printing and dyeing, leather, transportation and other industries will produce heavy metal pollution, and the park pollution near these industries is more prominent. Among the ten parks, Yanziji park is closer to Qixia chemical industry park, and Daqiao park is closer to Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. The ecological risk and heavy metal content of these two parks are the highest. The Green Expo Park is relatively open, with no pollution sources around, and the risk is the lowest

the results showed that the average contents of Cu, Ni and other heavy metals in the 10 parks were higher than the average values in the whole province, in which CD was 40 times higher, Zn and Cu were 7.5 and 6.5 times higher, respectively. The concentrations of various heavy metals were higher than those in Changchun and Wuhan, and the concentrations of other heavy metals in Beijing were lower than those in Nanjing except for Pb

Li Huiming said that considering the synergistic effect of heavy metals on human health, only arsenic in these heavy metals has reached a certain carcinogenic risk, and the risk of other substances is small, and only inhaling a certain amount can have a fundamental impact, so we need not worry too much, but we should also carry out corresponding protection. Considering the superposition effect of various heavy metals, children’s exposure to heavy metals in the park is higher than that of adults, and oral intake is the main way of heavy metal intake. When playing, they should try to contact less entertainment equipment not used all the year round, eat less in the park, wash more hands, wear masks when necessary, and the park should provide more public health facilities(Reporter Yang Shouhua, Jiangsu TV reporter Zha duo)

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